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Though many people choose to go camping to escape their everyday lives and “rough it” in the outdoors, many people still wonder how to watch TV while camping. For those who wish to spend the night under the stars but still wind down by watching a favorite movie or television show, here are some ways to tune in.

Download Streaming Services

Streaming service while camping

Dozens of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and Amazon Prime offer downloadable content. Simply open any of the apps and download one of the thousands of movies or television shows available onto a device to stream offline. Devices to download these shows include a

smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure to download the entertainment before adventuring outdoors; without a signal, campers won’t be able to download anything.

Downloading shows or movies can vary from app to app, but generally, users can click on the show that they wish to download, and proceed with the download if it’s available. There are often download caps. Depending on a users’ plan, there may be a limit to the number of shows or movies that they can download to a certain device.

Bring a Satellite Dish

rv satellite

Portable satellite dishes or antennas are perfect for outdoorsmen because the signal is minimal in the woods. By mounting a dish on the top of an RV or sitting it on a stable tripod beside it, the dish can then pick up programming using satellites. There are many companies that offer camper-friendly packages. Some channels may not be available, and selection could be limited depending on the remoteness of the camping location. Contacting a company to make sure the channels that the campers want to watch before embarking on an adventure would be wise.

How to Watch TV Camping with a Projector

Projectors can be a fun addition to a camping experience. Many like this option because it has the feel of a drive-in movie theater. Campers are still enjoying the outdoors, but they are able to do so while watching their favorite flick. Projectors are surprisingly fairly inexpensive. These projectors sit outside a trailer and project the motion picture onto a screen that campers can put outside their RV. Sit around a campfire, roast a s’more, and watch a football game, a movie, or a new episode of a favorite television show.

There are a couple of different options to project a movie:

  • Inflatable screen. Inflatables are convenient because they can be reduced down to a small size that can be packed nicely into an RV. For limited space, this is a great option. Keep in mind that since these projectors are inflatable, they need to be tied down so they don’t bend in the wind or blow away. Many of these projectors come with stakes and ties, but make sure to bring these along if they don’t.
  • Sheet. Bed sheets or soft, wrinkle-free fabric are affordable, easy options to watch a movie. Simply hang up a sheet using sticky Command hooks or binder clips that might be lying around the house. Clip the top and bottom of the sheet to the side of the vehicle so that the sheet doesn’t blow in the wind. Wrinkles will also hinder the viewing experience, so make sure the fabric is smooth when folded and stored.
  • Foldable screen. If mounting a screen onto an RV sounds like a daunting task, simply purchase a foldable projector. Use stakes to drive it into the ground anywhere. Join friends down the road or gather around the fire with this easily transportable projector.

Watch a Movie on a DVD Player

DVD players may be slowly going out of style, but they’re just getting started in the outdoor world. Outdoorsmen have relied on these simple, portable devices that can easily be tucked into an RV and pulled out for easy, convenient use. Simply bring a DVD, press play, and campers can watch a movie under the stars or inside the comfort of a tent or RV. Since DVDs and portable DVD players have gone out of style, the prices on these are extremely low. This is an affordable option for those who want to watch TV on their adventure but don’t want to shell out a pretty penny to do so.

Connect Campground Cable Hook-Ups

camping cable hookup

When researching how to watch tv camping, we were pleased to learn that some of the more modern campgrounds offer cable hook-ups. Electrical hook-ups are common for campgrounds, but some offer specific hook-ups for cable connections. These cable connections offer a convenient way to tune in. Attach the provided cable hook-up to the cable input on the side of the RV to connect to devices in and around the camper.

Watch TV Camping with an Antenna on the Window

Antennas offer an affordable way to watch local television. With just the purchase of an antenna, users can browse local channels from the comfort of an RV. Depending on the type of antenna or how strong the signal is, users may be able to pick up channels from 25 miles away. As long as the vehicle isn’t a hundred miles from the nearest civilization, some channels should pop up for free.

Typically, antennas can stick onto a camper’s window with suction cups, making it a non-permanent, easily removable option. If campers bring along a TV, or their RV is already equipped with a small one, this could be a great option to keep costs low.

For those that are renting an RV and it isn’t their own, I’d recommend these non-permanent options:

  • Antennas
  • Cable Hook-Ups
  • DVD Player
  • Downloadable Streaming Services

For those that own their vehicle and wish to make this a more permanent set-up, I’d recommend these semi-permanent options:

  • Projector
  • Satellite Dish

For those who wish to tune in while keeping the cost as low as possible and the set-up as easy as possible, I’d recommend these options:

  • Download Streaming Services
  • DVD Player

How to Watch TV Camping | Our Conclusion

Learning how to watch TV while camping doesn’t have to be expensive or taboo. Campers can easily experience the beauty of the outdoors during the day while tuning in to their favorite TV show, movie, or sporting event at night. After all, who doesn’t like winding down after a long day with a light-hearted comedy or a high-stakes ball game?

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