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Best Camping Cots for Bad Backs a Complete List

There are many reasons to search for the best camping cots for bad backs. Obviously, the main reason is your back is sore or gives you other problems. 

Bad backs can be caused by many different ailments. Some are the result of an injury, a lifetime of overuse, or aging, having back trouble can limit certain activities and fun. 

Camping with a bad back is one activity that you do not have to end if you are an avid outdoors person. Finding the best camping cot for bad backs will help keep you active and having fun in the wilderness. 

We are going to explore the cots for bad backs and give our final conclusion on which cot is the most comfortable for bad backs. Now we must say this is not in any way a medical opinion or medical advice. Depending on your individual condition you should consult with your physician. 

Continue reading our article on the best cots for bad backs below.

Camping with Back Problems – What You Should Know

Should you suffer from back discomfort and have been sleeping on the ground when you camp, you might want to reconsider your choice.

While the ground can provide a firm sleeping surface there are several disadvantages to that practice. Here are some of the negatives of sleeping on the ground vs a camping cot.

  • Sleeping on the ground can be an uneven surface which would aggravate a bad back.
  • Sleeping on the ground can introduce foreign objects into a bad back and cause pain.
  • Even in a sleeping bag, sleeping on the ground can draw cold from the ground and stiffen a bad back.
  • Having to stoop down to the ground in order to sleep can cause a bad back aggravation.

Utilizing a camping cot vs sleeping on the ground can help a bad back in many ways, here are just a few of them.

  • A camping cot will provide an even sleeping surface while in the outdoors.
  • You can pick the firmness of your camping cot, or adjust it to support your back.
  • A camping cot will raise you off the cold ground, this will prevent cold from seeping into a bad back and causing stiffness.
  • Camping cots are raised to a height that makes them easier to get in and out of with an injured back. 

What to Consider When Buying Camping Cots for Bad Backs

Camping cots tend to conform to a similar design. They begin with a foldable frame, some are made of wood or lightweight metal like aluminum. 

Material is then wrapped around the top of the frame to make the sleeping platform. This material can vary from canvas to nylon. 

Let us explore some of the requirements to seek in a camping cot for a bad back.

  1. Camping Cot Frame: If you suffer from back problems the main concern when choosing the best camping cot, is support for your back.

    Make sure the cot you purchase has a quality frame with enough cross braces to support your back evenly. 
  1. Platform Materials of Cot: Along with the frame of a camping cot, a second component that gives support is the platform material. 

    Some materials will be more flexible than others. Be sure to choose a camping cot with a strong canvas that will not stretch easily when you lay down in the cot.
  1. Camping Cot Height: Camping cots come in different heights. Some are very low to the ground while others are more like the height of a bed.

    Having a bad back can make it difficult to get down low to the ground. So choosing a camping cot that is easy to get in and out of can help your back pain. 
  1. Weight Capacity of Cot: Camping cot manufacturers will list the max weight capacity of their camping cots. Look for a higher weight capacity when you consider your purchase.

    Even if you do not weigh four hundred pounds, choosing a camping cot with that capacity will probably have more support built into the cot. 
  2. Camping Cot Size: By seeking out a camping cot that is extra wide and extra long, you may find having all the extra room beneficial for a bad back. If you sleep in a cramped position because a cot is too small you could end up irritating a bad back further.
  3. Is the Cot Adjustable: Some people find comfort for their bad backs by sleeping in a sitting position. Having an adjustable camping cot that allows a sitting position could be just the thing to sleep well with a bad back. Below is an example.
adjustable camping cot for bad backs
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Our List of Best Camping Cots for Bad Backs

Here you will find our comprehensive list of the camping cots that are best for a bad back. We go in-depth to outline the good and bad of each item. 

Check them out and then decide which cot is best for your bad back.

1. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot for Adults

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The Teton Sports Outfitter XXL is a quality camping cot and highly rated. While the company is only seventeen years old, they have put a focus on quality outdoor gear.

We wanted to include the Teton Sports XXL as a camping cot for bad backs because it is a huge cot. It will allow someone six foot nine inches tall a comfortable place to sleep inside their tent. It also has a weight capacity of up to six hundred pounds.

Plus this outdoor sleeping system has a unique frame design that utilizes steel legs. All these factors combined make it a top pick on our list.

The Good

  • Easy set-up design
  • Extra-long for tall people
  • Six hundred pound weight capacity
  • Steel leg design

The Bad

  • Heavier product weight (26lbs)
  • Higher price point on product

2. Best Coleman Cot – The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

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The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is one of the highest-selling camping cots. The Coleman brand has been a mainstay in camping gear for one hundred and twenty-two years. They have produced quality products and are known for their durability.

We like this camping cot for bad backs because it includes a foam mattress for extra comfort. It has a very reasonable price for a cot that can accommodate people six feet six tall.

Below is a summary of what we think about this camping cot.

The Good

  • Brand Name
  • Steel Frame
  • Built-in Mattress
  • Extra Long Size
  • Reasonable Price

The Bad

  • Limited to a 300lb weight capacity

3. Redcamp Heavy Duty Cot

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Redcamp offers several variations on its products. While this cot is one of the entry-level cots, we choose it based on a couple of details.

First is the frame on this camping cot If you look closely you can see it has additional cross-bracing on the lower frame and legs that give it extra stability. The company touts the use of thicker tubing for their frames. Any additional stability in a camping cot will help the comfort of those with back problems.

Second is the price point of this cot. It is moderately priced and would make an excellent addition to anyone’s camping gear list, whether they have a bad back or not.

The Good

  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Modrerate price point
  • Lightweight (14.7 lbs)
  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • 1 year warranty

The Bad

  • Accommodates average height (75in L)

4. SLSY Camping Cot

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This camping cot has nearly perfect ratings. We have included it because of these ratings and the fact that it comes with a durable mattress for a reasonable price.

While the camping cot is a standard size it has an incredible nine hundred pound weight capacity. As we said earlier, the higher the weight capacity the better rest for a bad back.

The Good

  • Moderate price
  • 900lb weight capacity
  • Includes mattress
  • Highly rated
  • Sturdy construction

The Bad

  • No warranty information listed

5. Coleman Camping Cot Combo

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Another product from Coleman is the camping cot combo. This camping cot includes an air mattress and pump for the price. If you have experienced comfort for your back problems on an air mattress, then this camping cot could fit the bill.

We also like this camping cot as it is extra wide and can fit two people. However, it is not well suited for extra tall people.

The Good

  • Coleman brand name
  • Extra-wide queen size
  • Includes air mattress
  • Long Lenth (78inch)

The Bad

Upper end of the price scale
Heavy product

Best Camping Cots for Bad Backs – The Conclusion

We do not feel the need to overload you with dozens of choices for camping beds for bad backs. We looked at the top sellers on Amazon, and reviewed the prices and the customer reviews before making our decision.

Here are our winners for the best cot for bad backs.

Best Camping Bed for Bad Backs

The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

This name brand cot is a quality product backed by a quality company. Also, it comes with a mattress for extra comfort. It is longer than most cots and has a three hundred pound capacity.

best camping cot for bad backs
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Best Camping Cot with Mattress

The Coleman Camping Cot Combo

As we mentioned earlier, some people find more comfort in having an air mattress on a camping cot. For that reason, we chose the Coleman camping cot combo as our winner.

The Coleman brand is quality and gives great support for this camping cot. Next, the camping cot is extra wide and long for comfort. The air mattress and pump are included with the purchase.

camping cot with matress
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Want to learn more on how to make a camping cot more comfortable?

Read our article on Tips for Camping Cots, it will explain how to make your camping cot more comfortable. We include details, examples, and products to help you sleep more comfortably in a tent.

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