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Hi and welcome to The Outdoor Nerd. You trekked to a great resource to help you with your outdoor experience.

We created this place for everyone who loves the outdoors. We look to bring knowledge and experience to the gear, places, and outdoor activities everyone loves. We will help you process things like cost, safety, and destinations, so you can make informed decisions before leaving your home.

We have a team of outdoor enthusiasts with a heart for helping others get the most out of adventuring. Therefore they seek to bring the best content for our readers which is informative and fun to read. We have optimized our platform to be fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate.

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Our Team

Sam B.

Hello, I am Sam. I grew up in the outdoors and spent every weekend in the Appalachian mountains. My camping and hiking experiences have been some of the best memories in my life. I love to cook on an open fire and help others create memories for themselves.

Our Process

We strive to bring relative content to our viewers. Pulling from our backgrounds, experience, and product use, we work to deliver the best information possible. Our vision breaks down into areas of Tips, How To’s, and reviews for products, destinations, and activities in the outdoor world.