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What Are Camping Cots?

Before we get into the tips for camping cots, let us explore what camping cots are. Camping cots are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. They are a great alternative to sleeping on the ground.

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Camping cots are a great way to get a good night’s sleep while camping. They are essential for anyone who camps regularly or wants to camp for an extended period of time. Camping cots can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or online. They typically have an aluminum frame that is covered with fabric for comfort. Some camping cots come with an attached mosquito net for added protection from bugs during your sleep time outside.

Who can use Camping Cots?

Camping cots are not just for campers. They can be used by anyone who does not wants to sleep on the ground, and needs a little more comfort than a sleeping bag. Camping cots are often used by backpackers, hunters, fishermen, and people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Camping cots are most commonly used in the outdoors because they are portable and lightweight. They take up less space in a backpack or car than other sleeping options like air mattresses.

Why Do You Need a Camping Cot?

It can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep while camping and it’s important to know some ways to do so. After a day of activity like hiking or setting up camp, it is important to rest well at night so you can enjoy the next day. Sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag can be challenging for a camper, especially if you are staying for more than a couple of days. A camping cot can ensure you have a soft, dry, and warm place to sleep in the wilderness. Combine our tips on camping cots comfort and you will be much happier in the wild.

Camping cots are really helpful for people with limited mobility due to age or ailments like arthritis and can increase the enjoyment of sleeping in the outdoors.

Camping cots are an excellent choice if you do a lot of camping. They’re compact, portable, and quite comfortable. This makes it easy to carry your cot from place to place while you explore the outdoors

Outdoor cots are basic in their design and don’t require much space in your pack or vehicle. This means it won’t take away space from your tent or other important items in your pack. A good thing about these pieces of equipment is that they provide you with better comfort than sleeping on the ground or on a mat.

A surprising benefit of camping cots is how they help you stay warm in cold weather camping. Camping cots raise you off the frozen ground which in turn prevents losing your body heat into the ground.

Tips for Camping Cots What Buyers Should Consider

1) Quality of Camping Cots

When choosing a camping cot you want to consider its construction. Beginning with the frame of the cot. There are many different materials used for camping cot frames, from wood to metals. Lighter-weight frames may not provide the stability you desire in the cot. Also, check the number of feet and cross rods a camping cot has. The more feet and cross rods the more stable and comfortable a camping cot will be. Next is the platform material, many cots use nylon or canvas material for the platform. Determine if you want a softer or harder material to lay on.

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2) Sizes for Camping Cots

Another thing to consider when buying a camping cot is the size of the cot. There is a wide variety of cot sizes ranging from little cots for children all the way up to cots made for two persons to share. Do not stop with just the width of the cot, consider the length as well, you may want an extra-long cot if you are taller than an average person. Finally, make sure you look at the maximum weight capacity for the cot to make sure it will meet your needs.

3) Weight of Camping Cots

The purpose, materials, and size of a camping cot will determine its overall weight. Ultralight cots used by hikers have light frames and materials which cause them to weigh in around four and a half pounds. Your large two-person camping cots can weigh up to forty pounds depending on their materials. So you have to determine how you will be transporting your cot to the campsite and decide how much you want your cot to weigh.

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4) How Easy is a Camping Cot to Use

No one like to struggle setting up a camping cot. So before you buy, study what it takes to set up the camping cot you are considering. Some cots simply unfold and have a locking mechanism, others require you to assemble poles, legs and then attach the sleeping platform. There is no such thing as a push-button camping cot, sorry. Knowing the camping cot set up steps before you purchase could save you a lot of frustration later on at your campsite.

5) Camping Cot Portability

Tips for camping cots portability is a must to be considered before you purchase. As we pointed out above, there is a very large range of size and weight for camping cots. If you are truck or car camping, then larger and heavier cots may fit your needs, however, if you have to carry your camp gear to your campsite for any distance, smaller and lighter camping cots would probably be a better idea.

Improving the Comfort of Your Camping Cot

Camping cots are not overly comfortable out of the box. However, there are things you can do to improve their comfort. You can use a pad and/or blanket on top of it. There are many options available including those made from foam, wool, or cotton.

camping cot comfort

Ok, so those are common sense suggestions. Let us explore in more detail how to make your camping cot more comfortable.

Tips for making Camping Cots More Comfortable

1) Make sure it is the right size

Choosing the right size of a camping cot can be confusing. There are different manufacturers and they provide the measurements in different ways. One thing is certain, if you purchase a cot too small for you, your sleep will be hindered. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s size charge against your body measurements to ensure you are getting a camping cot that fits you right.

2) Bring a Pillow or two

There are many camping pillows on the market with different designs. Some are foam, while others are collapsable and can be inflated at the campsite. Having a pillow to prop your head on will cushion your head and take pressure off your neck. These two factors are essential for a restful night of sleep.

camping cot pillow
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3) Quality Sleeping bags help

Sleeping bags are essential while camping and depending on the season can make or break your attempts at a good night’s rest. Having a good quality sleeping bag that holds your temperature just right will give you a head start on your sleeping comfort on a cot. Also, the cushion of a sleeping bag helps with the comfort of sleeping on a cot.

camping cots sleeping bag
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4) Sleeping Mats are a good idea

Sleeping mats can also add a layer of padding for comfort with a camping cot. There are many camping pads on the market in different materials and thicknesses. If you need more padding buy an extra thick mat, or double up with two thinner mats. Either way, you can adjust the comfort of your camping cot with sleeping mats.

camping cots sleeping mat
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5) Air Matress

Everyone knows about camping air mattresses, but many people just use them on the ground in their tent. Consider an air mattress for your camping cot. Adding an air mattress to your camping cot for comfort just makes sense, you are essentially doubling the comfort of your camping cot is doing this.

6) Proper placement and set up

While most camping cots are sturdy just in their design alone, you still want to consider their placement when you set them up. If you have an uneven spot your camping cot might rock or worse yet tip over while you sleep. Both of these scenarios would interrupt a good night’s sleep. Choose a level spot with no humps, roots, or rocks that would cause your camping cot to be unsteady.

7) Use a sheet on you your camping cot

Using a sheet on your camping cot can bring another level of comfort in the wilderness. By covering the cots materials, which tend to be harsher for durability, you can increase your cot’s comfort with a softer sheet. If you choose to use an air mattress or sleeping pad, you are mimicking your bedding at home. Using a sheet in hot weather will also help keep you cool on a hot summer’s night.

8) Use Layers to build comfort

At home, many people use mattress toppers to add comfort to their beds. You can do the same thing with a camping cot, sort of. Starting the basic camping cot you can add many of the items we have discussed in this article to build layers of comfort. You might start with the camping mat or blow up the air mattress. Then on top of those you can put a sheet, then use your sleeping bag as a final layer of cushion. Instead of crawling into your sleeping bag, sleep on top of it and cover yourself with a proper blanket to keep warm. With a little thought and trial, you more than likely will arrive at a combination that suits your needs.

9) Dampen creaky cot noise

Nothing will ruin a good night’s sleep like little noises in the night. Many camping cots squeak. It is really just the nature of their design. All the joints in the frame of camping cots will groan and creak from the friction of weight being placed on them. Using a quality wax on the joints or in some cases a good lubricating oil can eliminate those annoying sounds and allow you a deep slumber in the tent.

10) A Cot Organizer is helpful

Not many people think about a cot organizer as providing extra comfort for camping cots, but hear me out. Laying in a cot in the dark wilderness can create uneasiness or even panic if you are woken in the night by a sound and you can’t find your flashlight. A cot organizer attaches to the side of a camping cot and has pouches for your flashlight, toiletries, phone, and maybe even a book. Rather than having to hand search under the cot in the dark, a cot organizer can bring a little extra comfort from knowing that everything is placed within reach.

camping cot organizer
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11) Use a Battery Powered Fan

Another tip for camping cot comfort is staying cool in hot temperatures. Utilizing a battery-powered fan can ensure you sleep comfortably. There is a large number of products on the market with many different types of attachments. Some have clips that you can attach to your camping cot. Others might have a hook so you can hang them from the ceiling of your tent. No matter the fan’s design, being able to cool down at night will help ensure a comfortable state of sleep in your camping cot.

12) Camping Cot Booties

Going back to the stability of your camping cot. Some cots have very small feet which make it hard to stabilize them and can disrupt sleep. If you have a camping cot with small feet, consider using camping cot booties to relieve the issue. Camping cot booties slide over the feet of your cot, they typically have large, soft discs that help stabilize the cot. An added benefit of camping cot booties is that they protect the floor of your tent from punctures and tears. This added benefit could also help ensure your camping cot comfort due to the peace of mind of not having to worry about damaging your tent’s floor.

13) An Insect Net

Finally, an insect net can provide additional camping cot comfort. Having an insect, or mosquito net over your camping cot will protect you from biting bugs while you sleep, giving you much comfort and peace of mind. It also silences those buzzing noises in your ear while trying to sleep. If you know that your campsite is in a bug-rich environment, invest in a good insect net for your camping cot and ensure another level of comfort for your sleep.

camping cot with bug net
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Tips for Camping Cots Conclusion

We have shared thirteen tips for camping cots and making them more comfortable. With this knowledge, you should be able to buy the perfect camping cot to suit your needs. There is a vast range of accessories and tricks to set up your camping cot with comfort in mind. This information should allow you the best sleep possible on your next camping trip.

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