14 Types of Tent Camping for Adventure

types of tent camping

Explore the Different Types of Tent Camping We have researched the different types of tent camping to create this list and hope you find one that works best for you. Tent camping is as simple as setting up a tent and using it to get some sleep during your trip, no matter what shape and … Read more

Best Camping Cots for Bad Backs

best camping cots for bad backs

Best Camping Cots for Bad Backs a Complete List There are many reasons to search for the best camping cots for bad backs. Obviously, the main reason is your back is sore or gives you other problems.  Bad backs can be caused by many different ailments. Some are the result of an injury, a lifetime … Read more

22 Different Types of Tents with Pictures

types of tents

If you are new to camping and need information on all the different types of tents available, you found the right site to explain them to you. Given the world that we live in and the innovations that we see in every realm, tents have not been left behind. With a variety of shapes, sizes, … Read more

12 Types of Trekking to Enjoy Outdoor Trails

types of trekking

There are multiple types of trekking to choose from, but you be asking yourself what is trekking? Trekking involves walking along a certain path or route to make your way to a certain endpoint or destination. You might experience various kinds of terrains and distances along the way while also being able to have organized … Read more

Charging Phone When Camping

charging phone when camping

Phones are an important aspect of most people’s lives. But how does one go about charging a phone when camping? We all rely on our devices for communication, navigation, social media, and work connections, even when we’re in the middle of the wilderness. Though there aren’t handy outlets scattered about the woods, there are several … Read more