Flashlight Reviews

Review: Fenix LD01 [AAA Flashlight]

About Fenix   Fenix LD01 AAA Flashlight, shown with detachable clip Fenix is a Chinese flashlight manufacturer known for making high quality flashlights. They are also known for fairly conservative designs compared to their competitors. They have a pretty good following among “flashaholics” who appreciate their no-nonsense designs. Product Description

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Review: Pelican 1910 [AAA Flashlight]

About Pelican The company was founded in 1976 in Torrance, CA. They are well known for their rugged gear cases and flashlights, which are now produced and sold worldwide. Pelican 1910 AAA Flashlight Price: $20 Instruction Manual The 1910 is a basic ruggedized, single mode AAA flashlight with a clicky

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