About Me

Growing up in the 70s, my dad was an electronics engineer, and he used to take us camping every weekend. He modified the family motorhome with every gadget he could think of, and he modified all our camping gear as well. We had rechargeable flashlights back when most people had never seen a rechargeable device. We had solar panels, and inverters, and modified walkie talkies.

So, I grew up with outdoor gadgets that are only now becoming mainstream decades later, and I still have that love of using technology in the outdoors. Whether it’s the lightest gear, or the most powerful flashlight, or the best knife steel I can get, I’m always trying to refine and perfect my outdoor gear and my survival bag.

But unlike most tech-savvy reviewers, I’m more concerned with real life performance than specs. It doesn’t matter how powerful your flashlight is if you drop it on a rock in the woods and it fails. Technology is worthless if you cannot depend on it. So I look for the best technology that can give me the most capability, but also which performs reliably under the worst conditions.

This blog is part of my quest to discover the best outdoor gear with an eye towards EDC (every day carry), camping, and emergency preparedness.