Review: TrueUtility EDC Bag, Snaptrap Micro, And Locklip Swivel

I reviewed one of TrueUtility‘s Fixr Multi-Tool a while back. It went to my brother-in-law and he likes it. They contacted me again and asked me if I’d like to pick out of a few of their EDC gadgets to review from their catalog, and I chose a few that really stood out to me, the EDC Bag, Snaptrap Micro and Locklip Swivel.

TrueUtility SnapTrap Micro and Locklip Swivel

Video Review

I’ve been working on doing more video reviews and I’m still learning, so please bear with me!
Update: I re-rendered the video and uploaded in full 1280×720 resolution, and it looks much better.

Product Descriptions

This review is for three items:

1. The OD Green/Orange EDC bag looks to be modeled off other similar bags like the Maxpedition that I carry. This one has a large number of elastic loops, pockets and Velcro mesh compartment with a headphones icon. It comes with a matching strap and has two D rings to carry it.

2. The Snaptrap Micro is a small version of their EDC style gate clip. It’s designed for keyrings and clipping stuff to bags and other stuff. It’s made of 420 stainless steel and boasts a capacity to hold about 150 pounds which is a really high rating for this type of clip.

3. The Lockclip Swivel is another gadget that’s probably better off for keyrings, but the possibilities are endless, just like the Snaptrap. It’s made of aluminum and features a sliding lock, accessible by pressing the little ball bearings on it.

Official Specs (From TrueUtility)


Material: Polyester 
Length: 215mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 182g

SnapTrap Micro

Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Length: 37mm
Width: 13mm
Height: 7mm
Weight: 7.5g

Locklip Swivel

Material: Machined aircraft grade anodised aluminium
Length: 51mm
Width: 10mm
Height: 10mm
Weight: 7g


The Green/Orange color combination looked pretty cool on their web site, so I went with that instead of the normal black I like for small bags. Unboxing it, I was surprised how many pockets and compartments it has!
TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 1

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 2

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange Strap

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange Closeup
I kind of pictured something similar to my Maxpedition EDC bag, but this one is a completely different animal. It still can do everything my other bag can do, but it seems designed for a mix of EDC gadgets and electronics. 
This bag doesn’t seem to be as rugged or designed for heavy duty tactical gear like many use the Maxpedition for, but that’s OK. Not that it’s not rugged, it’s more like everything is a little thinner to give the bag more space for pockets. One of the big complaints against the Maxpedition is that it’s too bulky. 
TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 4

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 5

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 7

TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange 8
So, while I wouldn’t recommend it to a Navy SEAL, I think it has a ton of features and probably a wider audience. It seems ideal for an electronics bag and doesn’t waste any space. All the features you’d expect are there: the double elastic loops hold pocket knives, screwdrivers and other “clippy” gadgets, leaving plenty of space for notepads, cables, phone–whatever.
TrueUtilityEDC Bag In Olive Green / Orange With Gadgets
Some of the gadgets from my other EDC Bag

Snaptrap Micro

I have a bunch of Nite-Ize “S-biner” clips that I hate. I love the idea but hate the actual clip because it doesn’t have enough spring pressure on the clip, and items seem to fall off, never to be seen again.
TrueUtility SnapTrap Micro 2TrueUtility SnapTrap Micro 1
TrueUtility SnapTrap Micro With Locklip Swivel
So, I definitely pay attention when I see these type of clips. The Snaptrap is a simple clip with just a gate clip on one side, with a solid ring on the other. It boasts a carrying capacity of 150 pounds, and I really wanted to put it on a luggage scale with some free-weights, but then it dawned on me: the clip attaches with a split ring, and I don’t have any that strong! So it looks like I’ll take their word for it. The clip seems well made and plenty solid to carry anything small enough to fit on the clip.
My only issue with the clip was that it stuck open while filming the video. It hasn’t done it again though, and could just need to be broken in. This one is going to my sister, who was telling me over dinner that she lost her keys and wish she had a way to clip her keys to her purse or belt loop. 

Locklip Swivel

This is an interesting little clip. It’s rated slightly lower at 140 pounds, but that’s probably overkill like the other clip. It has a cool swivel feature so gadgets connected to your keychain won’t get tangled up with each other. 
TrueUtility Locklip Swivel 2TrueUtility Locklip Swivel 1
TrueUtility Keychain Gadgets
The clip is operated by sliding the gate open and closed. You press the little ball bearings on either side and the clip slides back and forth, locking in place. 


So far I like the products I’ve reviewed from TrueUtility. It’s not really high end gear, but it’s well made and a decent value in my opinion. Both the clips are going to my sister who I know is going to love them. I’m still deciding what to do with the bag. The Maxpedition is better suited to some of the heavier steel I carry, and it’s just small enough not to hold all the electronics and cables that I carry in my much larger Amazon bag. But for most people, the bag is more than enough space for all the gadgets and cables people carry. I may use it as an overflow electronics bag, or a “lite” version for shorter trips. 

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