Lots More Flashlights In For Review

Lately I’ve been doing photography and video every day to keep up with all the stuff coming in for review. It’s been fun learning to do video and I’m getting better at it!

Olight has sent me a couple lights for review–interesting ones. I got an H1 Headlamp and a PL1-II weapon light, which I’ll be installing on my brother’s Glock tomorrow since I don’t own a gun.

Olight H1 Headlamp and PL1-II Weaponlight

Things have been getting surreal with my reporting on Shadowhawk. I’ve never put “review samples provided by attorney for manufacturer” so this should be interesting and I’ll give them the same fair review I give everyone. They sent me 6 boxes of flashlights, so I’ll probably get one or two out to other well known reviewers.

Boxes Of Shadowhawk Flashlights

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