Shadowhawk Flashlights Get More Scammy

I’ve written extensively about the Shadowhawk Flashlight Scam, which is run by known scammers. Pretty much everything they claim is either patently false or completely misleading. From videos/photos of different products, to fake, sock puppet reviews, they run the full gamut of deception in order to get you to pay for a two dollar flashlight they buy wholesale.

Now it appears they are using geo-location to spam the world telling people that the local police in their city are urging them to buy their product.

It’s not even very sporting to point out all the falsehoods. The photo above isn’t even a flashlight, not to mention the product they are trying to sell you. And the Portland police aren’t urging anyone to buy ultra-cheap, Chinese flashlights, the exact product you can buy direct from China or even from Amazon with very little markup. They certainly aren’t urging anyone to buy Shadowhawk flashlights, and neither are the police in whatever location the ad geo-target you with.

I happen to know that none of the “reviewers” exist in the traditional sense of actually existing. How do I know? These are the same fake twitter accounts I wrote about for a different flashlight scam. @mattontheGo is a genuine Twitter account but actually someone else.

The photo above is a multi LED emitter flashlight and much larger, as you can see by the pattern the light makes.Most of these scams just regurgitate the same photos, some of which were stolen from legitimate reviewers like me. Of course, I watermark my flashlight photos for just this scenario!


  1. My son has just been conned by this.we have just moved to our area and he got the police warning making it look like it was in our local paper.he ordered the deal for 5.offer at £23.95 instead of £116!!!! He has been charged £116.. I have contacted them with regard to this so will c if he gets money refunded.Also he got signed up to a monthly subscription from some promo company so now I have to sort this out..

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