Send Text Messages And Use Location Services Off The Grid

Living in a remote or rural area definitely has its challenges. Spotty cell service or wi-fi can put a real damper on your ability to communicate with friends and family. Living in a cabin in the woods, I tried everything short of satellite: wi-fi range extenders, cellular signal boosters–with mixed results.

I wandered into this product on Amazon, and it looks really interesting. You can pair this device to your phone or tablet and send texts and location data to other people who also have the device. And that’s the limitation: you can’t make a cell signal where there is none, but you can fool your phone into being a text walkie-talkie.

So it won’t let you use the Google machine or play the Pokemans, but you can text your wife if you get lost, and that could save you from having a really bad day. I’m not living off the grid anymore, but it would’ve been nice to have something like this, so I thought I’d pass it along. I also make a small commission from the Amazon links, so it’s a good way to support my work if you find it useful.

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