Help Us Fight The Flashlight Scammers

The flashlight scammers make millions a day, and that’s just the big fish. Some of the more onerous ones sell two dollar Chinese flashlights at beyond-ridiculous markups drop-shipped from China with taglines like “Controversial military technology now available to public” and “Should this military technology be banned?”

Meanwhile, the Chinese are confused, because they make lots of good flashlights. Manufacturers like Nitecore, Thrunite, Lumintop, Fenix, EagleTac and others make really good products, and they are all fairly priced.

The irony here is that it’s shady American companies selling the cheapest flashlights possible as secret, banned military technology, while the truly decent products sit on the shelves. Some of the scammers sell these two dollar flashlights for 75 bucks (or more) when for that price you can hive the highest output with the latest LED technology and high efficiency circuitry.

And even worse, the voices of the legitimate bloggers are drowned out with millions of dollar in clickbait advertising, spamming the entire internet with the lowest quality flashlights money can buy. My blog has an annual budget of … zero dollars to get the word out.

Fighting the flashlight scammers wasn’t something I set out to do. I like flashlights, and talking about flashlights, as well as other EDC (every day carry) stuff like pocket knives, multi-tools, watches and sunglasses. All I wanted to do was help people keep up with the technology.

Nobody says “when I grow up, I’m going to fight scammers on the internet.” One thing leads to another … and here we are.

But I’m just a little voice in cyberspace, and my resources are few. Meanwhile the entire web is being spammed with these ridiculous ads, and few people seem to care that some of the scammers are already notorious for being scammers.

As more people become aware of what’s going on, people are wanting to fight back, and I’m one of the few bloggers doing that. If you find my work useful, I could sure use your help. Every little bit helps.

Thank You
Mark Wing, “The Outdoor Nerd”

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