Flashlight Scam: Nightforce MiliTac Flashlight

The ridiculous claims are similar to the other scams: “Should this military grade flashlight be
banned?” It’s the typical scam of trying to sell you a flashlight they get for two dollar wholesale by convincing you that it’s carried by the Navy SEALs and is not suddenly available to the public. It’s not even suddenly available to Amazon.

The answer of course is yes, it should be banned, because no military in the world would carry such cheap crap, it’s not made in the USA, it’s not the world’s brightest and the photos are the same regurgitated ones shown by most of the other scams, and not even of the product they are selling.

At least this incarnation of the scam doesn’t show you fake twitter accounts like the others. It just gives generic “testimonials” like “My husband got the new Mili Tac. Made in the USA!”

Notice in the “testimonial” below that the guy is holding a much larger flashlight, probably with multiple LEDs judging by the light pattern.

The only thing truthful about the ads is that you may get a flashlight if you give them your money. And of course, if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find out (surprise, surprise) that none of the claims are true and this is an “advertorial.”

Notice the disclaimer text is grayed-out, with a big empty space above it.

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