Deal Hunter: 5 Pack Of Zoomie Flashlights For $16.59

Being an “Amazonaholic” means I’m always on the lookout for good deals on the stuff I like, such as budget flashlights.

The brand name doesn’t really matter as they are all rebranded and identical to the zillions of other

brands who share this flashlight.

I’ve bought this type of flashlight direct from China in the past for as low as $3 a piece on sale, so getting it with Prime shipping from a seller fulfilled by Amazon for not much more than that is a fantastic deal.

Be advised that while these are decent flashlights, these are not “military grade” or rugged enough for a demanding environment. These are flashlights you keep in your car or in a drawer for use around the house.

This model also takes a common AA battery or a 14500 lithium-ion cell. Basically any cell that fits in the tube can run the flashlight. I prefer Eneloops myself, though the output is about 3 times more with a 14500 cell.

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