Vague Legal Threats

Blogging isn’t something people do for the money. At least I hope not. Most bloggers quit  when they realize they are basically just talking to themselves. Others quit when they realize that almost nobody makes a living at it, even with lots of readers. I think out of the few people who don’t give up at that point, getting their first legal threat makes them think twice. It takes a certain stubbornness to keep going, year after year.

So I think the bloggers that are around for any length of time aren’t in it for the money and blog because they are passionate about their subject matter, as I am about flashlights, pocket knives, multi-tools and really anything EDC or outdoorsy. I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like and I’m less than shy about it.

Being passionate about flashlights, among other things, of course I would take exception to ads like the T2000 flashlight, which I most definitely think of as a scam. Identical products with different names all using the same product and nearly identical websites with nearly identical ridiculous claims and copied/pasted sock puppet reviews from the same few Twitter accounts, with only the product name changed.

I’ve always suspected that since these sites are so remarkably similar, that it’s the same person/people behind all of these products, and it looks like maybe I’ll get to find out, since I started receiving anonymous legal threats in the comment section of the article I mentioned above.

I may be a “dull” hobbyist blogger, but I always say what’s on my mind and I’m honest to a fault, and it’s all done publicly in blog format. So I don’t really see any reason why I should just suddenly lay down because some anonymous person on the Internet makes vague legal threats against me. This isn’t my first rodeo.

You had me at anonymous threats <3

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