More Flashlight Scam Ads On My Site

A reader on one of my flashlight scam posts recently pointed out that I was serving up the same scam ads as I was warning against. My apologies for that, but it’s hard not to run a web site without some of that stuff slipping through. Mostly they are hoping that people who don’t understand LED flashlights will fall for the scams.

Basically, most web sites like mine make what little they make to keep the site going from ads. Those ads come mainly from Google, which makes billions from ads. So they aren’t too picky as long as those ads don’t contain malware.

But they do let site owners like me go through all the ads in the network, ad-by-ad, one at a time, and block the ones I don’t want individually. These ad networks contain thousands of ads and it’s an incredibly time consuming process.

What’s worse, these scammers come out with literally dozens of new variations on those ads every day. This means that every day I have to go through all the new adds, looking at them one at a time in order to block the shady and scam ads.

The ads on my site barely cover the costs of keeping my blog afloat, so it’s not really possible to turn them off completely.

So, if you see a shady ad on my site, then feel free to drop me an email, and realize that I try my best for the 10 cents an hour blogging probably earns me. The people behind this scam can make new scam ads and scam variations of their product faster than I can block it.

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