Flashlight Scam: Stryke Light x2000 Tactical Flashlight

This is yet another mutation of the G700 flashlight scam, also known as the Light Strike 360, also known as different flavors of the X800, and even more variations, which are all just a $6 cheap Chinese flashlight for a lot more than $6. If you searched one of their products and found yourself here, it might be helpful to read my recent article on understanding LED flashlights.

Click one of their links, and you’ll go to their main page, which shows a hijacked image of a legitimate Lumintop flashlight. But click through, and you’ll see a Nitecore charger re-branded as a Stryke Light x2000 Flashlight Battery Charger and, surprise, the Stryke Light x2000 Tactical Flashlight with a picture of our favorite scam flashlight, the G700,

All the elements of this scam are there: the wild claims, the sock puppet reviews, the “limited quantities” and a new wrinkle, where you can buy warranties for more than the flashlight cost!

In a major twist of irony, you have what’s probably a US scam using photos of a high end Chinese Lumintop brand. Usually it’s the Chinese doing scams and counterfeits of USA made products.


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