Flashlight Scam: AlumiTact X700

This is a new flavor of the same flashlight scam which mutates almost every single day. It’s easy to spot because they use phrases like “controversial military technology” and “bright enough to blind a bear” and “flying off the shelves” among others.

The AlimiTact X700 scam is in good company with the StrykeLight x2000, T2000Shadowhawk X800, Illumitact G700, Lightstrike 360 and others. It’s the same scam, put out by the same people, who make the same ridiculous claims, and mutate the scam to stay one step ahead of the few bloggers who care enough about reporting on this. Most major media outlets show their ads, and none of them seem to care because they make money too from the ads.

The scam basically goes like this: get you, the customer, to pay $75 for a $6 cheap, Chinese flashlight you can get from Amazon, eBay or even direct from China. Anyone who knows flashlights knows that this is a scam, but many people don’t know, and that’s what I’m doing here. This is a blog about doing gear reviews such as flashlight reviews, and I never intended to turn this into a sounding board for scams. But it’s just disgusting to watch this scam mutate and suck more people in.

Many of the different scam ads use different variations of this same photo, usually with different colors emanating from the “flashlight” in the photo. Some of the newer scams use photos of known flashlight brands such as Nitecore and Thrunite, only to get you to order the same $6 flashlight they’ve been selling all along.

They’ve been toning down the “blogs” these ads link to, but all the buzz words are still there, like “Navy SEAL” and “Military” and others. They only mix it up slightly from scam to scam.
I’m skeptical about the claims above that all these media outlets have featured this product, which itself is just one of the many flavors of the same scam that anyone in the media could easily find out if they cared about due diligence. But sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if some if these media companies fell for the scam themselves, since most of their collective moral compasses point straight to money.
If you want to gain actual knowledge of flashlights, there are communities out there such as the Budget Light Forum and I also wrote an article, Understanding LED Flashlights as a starting point that readers can use to get a feel for the landscape.
One thing I am hearing from people falling for the scam is that many of them never receive anything for their money, which isn’t too surprising. The best I can tell, if you live in many of the countries targeted in the scam, they figure there’s no way it would come back to them, so they just take your money.


    1. My guess is that there's only one factory cranking out that exact model, which isn't a bad model, so go on Amazon or whatever online store you like and search for "T6 XM-L" or "T6 XML" which refers to the Cree LED inside it.

    2. Yeah. I screen those ads out every day and block whatever ad network is serving them, but sometimes they get by me.

    3. My son told me about the x5000 Lumen Tactical Rechargeable T6 LED Flashlight Torch+18650 Battery+Charger on ebay. I ordered 2 for 19.99 with free shipping. Comes with batteries and charger for each flashlight, so you can give one as a gift. These flashlights are high quality and will now be my go to gift for birthdays and Christmas.

  1. Don't get cheated, don't buy Shadowhawk flashlight. Over 3 months of waiting, no flashlight and the money hasn't been refunded.

    1. Contact your credit card company and tell them the company did not deliver your product. They should reverse the charge.

    2. Well they will refund you a perform a chargeback to the merchant. They cant reverse any charges.

    3. Well they will refund you a perform a chargeback to the merchant. They cant reverse any charges.

  2. Ive used a headlight by Led Lenser in my work as a break down mechanic or here in Australia an NRMA Patrolman. I found that this torch has been the best buy and is very durable. Other headlamps have issues with the strap or connection problem yet the Led Lenser has probably out lived the others that have the battery brand like Everready for example. For $50 Australian it has lasted three of the other torches.

  3. I once saw an ad featuring a man illuminating a mountain miles away [the photoshop job could have been done by an elementary schooler]. Other ads feature a man illuminating eight stories of a hospital in a perfect circle with no variation [not brighter in the middle, etc.] – again, they need some more money in the photoshop budget.

  4. I have bought and modded many UF 502b- make sure you get the Cree xml t6 or U2. DO NOT BUY THE CHINESE 18650 BATTERY. GET A PANASONIC, ncr 18650 or 18650b OR

    1. Same here…thanks a lot! I almost fell for the buy 3 get 2 free of the X700 Tactical, but after I put my personal info in I kept hitting page after page of them trying to sell me more stuff, (red flag) when I finally got to "check out" the price was wrong (red flag)They were advertising 75% off but when I hit the back arrow button an ad popped up offering me another 20% off,really??? they're going to sell the flashlights for 95% off? The math was all wrong, LOL! And they also said there was a problem with my credit card and they wanted me to call (red flag), that was the final straw, my info was correct and there was plenty of money in the bank, I felt it was a scam, looked for an honest review and I found you! Thank goodness and thank you, sir!

  5. Ironically, the very ad for this flashlight appears on the sidebar of this blog. Thanks, Google AdWords! 🙂

    1. What I started doing is to block the entire ad network every time I find one of those ads. They create those ads faster than I can block them, but hopefully they can't create new ad networks that fast!

  6. I just saw one called the Alumitact X700 it says it is from Military Supply USA. It sounds like the "wonder" flashlight. Is this one a SCAM?

  7. There are several of these flashlights. You can find them on alibaba or aliexpress for around $4. That's what they are…a $4 flashlight. However, I would add in that there are high quality flashlights that are made overseas that are very good quality. I sell a lot of the brands, including Fenix, Klarus, Nitecore, Olight. Just because they are made overseas doesn't make them low quality…in fact, it's quite the opposite in this case.

  8. I purchased the X700 and after very little use the on and off switch broke. I called military supply usa and I was told you have to buy the $19.99 warranty under the terms of sales agreement. Do not waste your time or money on these garbage Chinese piece of junk. What a way to make a living selling crap and making up terms that do not exist.

  9. This is great. Looking at some of the comments about PhotoShop and getting an email today that the POTUS, can you believe that Trump wants me to have this Flashlight. (I did look at it a few months ago and it is easy to check for a scam. The countdown clock. Exit and the clock is reset. Number left. Same thing. Trying to leave site, does not let you. The circles are the ones I like in the ads. First like was mentioned, the even illumination, but shining a light at an angle, no way with a normal light to get a ROUND CIRCLE. The hospital was a laff. Then there are REVIEWS and SCAM sites that we have to be careful about. They try to look like the real thing, but when they give a link to the product, bad idea.

    Some of these flashlights I've seen at Rite-Aid. The nice thing if you keep the receipt is you can try it out and does not work, get your money back with no questions asked. Unless you know the business and the deal is to true, don't buy.

    BTW – Anyone interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge? Good Price! 🙂

  10. I bought the family pack (foolish me did not look at reviews). First came, bought brand new batteries for them. NONE of them worked. OK. They sent me replacements. Still none of them work. I thought maybe the batteries were bad, they work in other things that require AAA batteries. Paid to ship last one, have to pay to ship this one back. Plus restocking fee. I got SCAMMED,

  11. found this T6 XM-L, 10,000 lumens, at Amazon for $7.50. 1 5 star & 1 each of 3,2 & 1 star reviews. Remember you get what you pay for & if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I have Fenix Flashlights myself, no issues & bright / useful.

  12. Hello Mark, I am in the UK,and I was considering purchasing one of these x700 tactical flashlights, but after reading your article,I've thought better of it. Thank you for taking the time to point out this scam,as always money is tight, and there is nothing worse than being ripped off. Kind regards Martin,

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