Flashlight Scam: Lightstrike 360 [Avoid]

As a few web sites like this one warn people of the G700 flashlight scam, it seems like new variations of the scam are popping up every day. I saw this ad on my own site! I can block any ad but only after I see it and tell Google to stop showing it to me.

It’s getting hard to keep track of the variations, like the G700 scam and the X800 scam.

This Lightstrike 360 is the same exact flashlight as all the other scams. You can buy it for 10-15 bucks from a USA seller like Amazon or get it straight from China for about $8 shipped if you don’t mind waiting a month for it to arrive. If you really pay attention, you can find this flashlight for closer to $3 !!

They try to skirt the lines by putting “world’s brightest flashlight” in quotes and with all these paragraphs explaining that these aren’t real product claims, blogs, news, etc. They pile on the bullshit so thick that it’s pretty much only older, non-technically-savvy people who are going to buy it.

Their site says:


I can say definitively that no government on earth issues a $3 flashlight to any of its military personnel, let alone elite forces like the SEALs. Not even the Chinese military uses flashlights this cheap. I think they use Fenix brand but I’m not positive.

In just a few minutes I found two variations of this ad on my own site! Bastards. I could picture my elderly mom or uncle falling for something like this.

It’s true that this $3 flashlight would amaze your grandmother who hasn’t seen an LED flashlight in the last 10 years, but you wouldn’t like her paying $75 for it, and just imagine what meemaw would think of the Sunwayman D40A or Lumintop PS03 that I carry when I need a powerful light. But the Thrunite Ti4 in my pocket most of the time is more lumens than the cheap “zoomie” the scammers are trying to mark up 700% or more, and it’s about the size of a pen. 
The flashlight community, Budget Light Forums has oodles of threads trying to track these scams as well. I think the fact that the ads and companies keep changing shows that the public is catching onto these shenanigans. I have also put together a small guide on understanding LED flashlights that might be a worth a read and will help you understand the technology.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'm one of those older non-technically-savvy people and almost fell for it… Hey the add said retails at $300 so is clearly a bargain at just $75…

    1. Hi, wish I had read you blog! Ordered one 15 days ago, still not got it, min response to e mails etc, £57 lost!!

    2. Hi, wish I had read you blog! Ordered one 15 days ago, still not got it, min response to e mails etc, £57 lost!!

    3. I live in Scotland and have been conned out of £98.00. Now wish I had made more enquires first Who can you trust. ??
      There is now e-mails for a ROBERT SCOTT with exactly the same advert.


    4. You can trust the flashlight discussion communities like BLF, which have global members who can help you choose the best gear for you. They are a very friendly community with a mind towards budget flashlights and electronics.

    5. lightstrike 360 is a scam, they dont deliver , or have tracking number for parcels and no phone number to contact them and no product!
      stay far away from this scam

    6. t dp, at what point in time did you think you needed such a flashlight? The is getting scammed and then there is using common sense…..

    7. The following is totally true and correct – LightStrike 360 is a scam, they don't deliver , or have tracking number for parcels and no phone number to contact them and no product!
      Stay far away from this scam

    8. Thanks for the info. I paid for some 5 weeks ago and they have not arrived. No one likes to admit to being a schmuk but, live and learn.
      Looks like money down the toilet.

    9. It's just u fortunate I didn't know about this scam almost 2 Moaths ago I got so excited with the words they put about military and cops light and the big discout you save I got scam cause I was so excited gor it that I got two and still have not received it yet and the phone number you can never get no one yo talk to I also sent about 15 emails and got the first response and none after no matter how many times I beg to find out what's going on but I call my visa company and explain my situation and they would help to reimburse your money back I am hoping that I can get my money back since in two months and numerous emails, no response that I can get my money back. Whst a big scam with LightStrike360 be careful folks.

    1. Thanks to people like you, people like me get to keep their hard earned dollars in their pocket and give a big one fingered salute to the scammers- good on you Mark, you deserve a medal x

    1. I bought 4 of them one for my two kids to keep in their cars and one for my car and one for the misses car. As soon as I opened the package I realised that something was wrong because there was no charger and in the Advertising photo it shows a female sitting down with a case alongside her the Flash Lite plus charging unit. It took some time and a large number of emails with copies of their dodgy advertising and eventually I received an email with an address to return the goods to. The address is CUSTOMER SUPPORT, Postbus 14 4054ZG Echteld, NETHERLANDS. They say as soon as I send them some info that I have Posted the goods ie Postal info etc. I am wondering if to send as I don't know if such an address exists so do I send them or keep them. If I send them and get nothing back I lose twice if I do get my money back minus postage of course I am better off. I told them that I did not want the 360 but was trying to get the G700 but each time I tried to get it the purchase differed to the 360 so I was hoping that they would sort it out their end. Must say though !st time I have been done like this as normally I do a lot more checking if the company is not known. Bloody mongrels.

    2. Here in the UK credit card companies are jointly responsible with the seller to comply with trading laws. You should be able to lodge a complaint with yours.

  2. This is the one I have now, the Nitecore P12. Have had it now for almost 2 years, and can say I've never been happier. When it comes to flashlights, there's only 2 names I personally trust: Nitecore and FourSevens. And from FourSevens I have the Mini MLR2, which packs a punch for a tiny flashlight. The P12 I carry on me all times with the included belt holster, and I keep the MLR2 on my keychain for emergencies. Both awesome flashlights, and definitely recommend them. The prices aren't on the cheaper side, but to me they are worth every penny. Check'em out. 😀

    link to flashlight.nitecore.com
    link to foursevens.com

  3. FourSevens is a decent brand, but not really my thing. Nitecore is definitely one of the better manufacturers these days and I have bought many of their products. I have a Nitecore Tube on my keychain and got one for all my siblings this year as well.

  4. Thank you Mark! Saw the flashlight ad on another site. Thank goodness I googled flashlight reviews to check it out and found your site. You've certainly saved me money and ultimate disappointment from falling for one more another cleverly worded ad. Thanks again from me and for all the other trusting souls out there.

  5. Glad I read your assessment of these flash lights, I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but with these ads constantly popping up on FACEBOOK I was sort of lulled into a sense of “it just might be a good product” The cost of USA $56 for what is really an unknown product, should suggest to a prudent shopper that a lot more research should be done before making a purchase, once again thanks for heads up.

  6. I'll add my thanks to everyone else's mate. Cheers

    1. Thanks Mark unfortunately they got me before I did my research and lost a lot of $US because I both two. Thanks again at least I know now .

  7. I ordered one on 31st January.I have never received it. At first they replied that it was on its way (no tracking number or courier given). Now I receive no reply to my emails. I feel a fool!

    1. We ordered 2 on Jan 24 and never received. At first we received promises via email and then no answers. We contacted our credit card carrier and will receive a full refund. You must contact your bank or card carrier within 3 months and do not accept any deals, refunds or promises from Lightstrike.

  8. Before you buy a product you must trust that it be what you are after.
    You CAN'T trust a product sold from an unknown source.

    Consider this, would you buy an item at an unrealistically low price?
    Probably not, same goes for these scammers, unknown products from unknown Sellers/Stores.

    1. Edit :-
      Unrealistically low price item being sold/offered to you from someone that is unknown to you, if you pass them on the street?

    2. would you give money for an item to a stranger on the street, for a product that they can only show you a picture of, and ask for the money beforehand to get the item??
      NO WAY, they are headed to the pub, Your Shout.

  9. Hi,ordered Lightstrike 360 28th January 2016 and got nowhere. 57 quid lost.
    Wish i had known,stay away.

  10. Hi mark thanks for the heads up you've just saved me what would have been a nightmare and complete waste of time and money. Glad I found your site whilst researching. Keep up the good work sir.

  11. I also escaped being caught by the skin of my teeth late yesterday(24th) evening. If it is any help to others, money was reserved, (not taken), in my bank account by Nifty Accessories, a company in Hoboken USA. Their website – niftyaccessories.com – shows it to be a seller of radio ham products. They might, of course, be hijacked by the real culprits – who knows !

    The response I received after going a certain distance with the purchase process, however, came from a Dutch website quoting a +31 international dialling code prefix, and which also gave a support email address.

    I was lucky to be able to contact my bank in time, and stop the withdrawal of any funds.

    Ray (UK)

  12. Hi, I,too, ordered these lights. More or less the same run around as other members here. Got the order confirmation, asked to confirm address, left message at phone number. I have contacted the Prosecutors office in Amsterdam who sent the following reply. If we send in a complaint we may get some satisfaction of the scumbags being prosecuted.

    "If you would like to inform the police of Amsterdam or to file a police report in abovementioned case (your case) go to http://www.politie.nl.
    Then select ‘internet scams’ = internetoplichting in Dutch

    You automatically will receive an answer mail.
    Then the police will determine whether or not there are any leads to start an investigation and establish if there are similar cases."

  13. Bought 3x Lightstrike360 flashlights (and a iswim waterproof phone case), intended as gifts. They were on " sale " 75% off limited time blah blah. its been over a month, i got the iswim package 2 weeks ago but no LIGHTSTRIKE360s. emailed the company, they said it they were sent weeks ago. guess i fell for a scam… im out $180 CND.

    1. ** UPDATE ** i would like to leave this update, regarding the LIGHTSTRIKE 360 flashlights. Mine just came in this morning after about a 2.5 month delay. No explanation as to why, but regardless my packages came in – tested the flashlights and they WORK REALLY WELL. Despite the questionable wait period these seem like a good product.

  14. I was drinking one night almost a month ago and order two of these things without thinking it would be a scam. I feel like an idiot, normally I wouldn't buy random crap like this. Should I cancel my credit card??

    1. Most banks only give you about a 10 day window to dispute the charge. PayPal gives you 6 months. I don't think I would cancel the card, though.

  15. Just accidentally clicked a link in my Yahoo! to www[.]helpfulsurvivalguide[.]com running this scam. Sorry some of you went for it, but I was more worried about malware delivery, so from my end glad it was a scam and likely not more. Had I given them a CC and address I may be concerned about credit card fraud in the future, I am super careful with mine and have still had two instances of cc fraud in the last 10 years.

    Something to look out for with these sites is they often get flagged by blacklisting services like SpamHaus or taken down by the hosting provider (Amazon AWS, in this case) when someone complains. The site I was directed to was still up and there were no warnings yet but I looked and saw that many in the same IP address range are blacklisted already. Another good thing to check are free DNS sites like CentralOps Domain Dossier or DNStuff. If the site was registered recently and only for 1 year, probably a scam.

    1. And good job getting the word out, Outdoor Nerd!

  16. Looks like, another idiot has been done out of 80£sterling.I have never been such a fool.just got me at the wrong time of day,brain still asleep. Had an rta many years ago,and the resultant injury has left my brain a little scrambled,1st of February, in the post ?????????????awell thought i could never be ripped off so blatantly,p from belfast

  17. First pic actually looks like a light saber led exposed as they are on a light saber as a crystal for effects….
    From Australia
    P.S they r bright it not as advertised hmm…

  18. Too bad I missed reading your blog earlier. Ordered one of these over a month ago and have not seen any sign of it. Goodbye $75. Email support doesn't work. What is a person to do?

    1. My husband ordered 3 of these flashlights and paid $180 with a credit card directly as there was no PayPal option (a red flag right there). When we hadn't received them after over a month, we tried emailing them to no avail. I even tried calling that bogus phone # which said that my call couldn't be completed as dialed. I then called our credit card company and filed a "billing error" report and was told that they will investigate and we will not be liable for this charge and not to pay it. If you file a report within 60 days of your credit card statement date, you will be covered if you never end up receiving the goods you ordered. I would think that this is standard with most if not all CC companies. Hopefully this so called "company" will be flagged and they won't continue to get away with this. If victims report getting ripped off, maybe it will help to stop these scammers. Hope this can help some others out there.

  19. Hi, I ordered three at the end of January and they arrived today. I don't remember which card I used to pay and have been checking all my statements but haven't found the charge yet. Thank you for the warning though! I wish I had read it sooner. The product is not that bad, but definitely overpriced.

  20. Edit: I found the biller: Amazing Hair Products (sic!). They split the £128 into three charges: £1, £30, and £97.
    Even though I like the torch, I still feel ripped off a bit.

    1. Most definitely a scam here. My debit card statement had Nifty Accessories in Holboken USA as the claimant to my money. (Never heard of them before or dealt with them!) The selling advert listed an Amsterdam telephone number of +31 20 808 6236 with a contact email address of support@lightstrike360.com check it out via cutestat.com
      I recommend that all fellow 'victims' check their banking statements to see who took monies for these torches from their accounts.

  21. Hi, Rick, it is the brightest I've ever had. I have no experience with Nitecore and FourSeven though.
    When I beamed it at the treetops in the garden last night, the birds flew away from their nests.
    I like that it's sturdy and the metal feels good in your hand. The quality is decent.
    At first, it had an SOS and blinking mode, but I can't get it to do them again. It came with no manual.
    Overall, a nice product. The beam can fool people that you live in a discotheque.

    1. the other is it maybe $95 AUD for 1 and it's different advertisers but have only seen that price nothing more or less in all of them..
      Rick Ling

    2. have to d cell maglites they don't bother birds even though bright as well not sure as much though maybe longer range but not as bright..

  22. hmm sounds perfect for damn birds who start chirping at 4am in the morning where I live hey!!!

  23. there is a for real flashlight out there and it is for real the brightest light you can buy and it does cost for sure several 100 dollar, in fact this is so bright, the battery last about 5min only and gets very very hot and its light beam can burn paper, plastic etc.
    It is a laser light manufacturer who is making that suuuuper bright light. Your can really burn a assailant and blind him in a sec. Who wants and needs it for that or any other purpose Google around you will find it. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the light and company of it.

    1. There's a whole flashlight modding community over at BLF who get some pretty incredible results by using heavier wire, copper heat sinks and other tricks to push LED technology as far as it can go.

    2. I got scammed for $162.50 by Lightstrike 360, payment for 2 x torches which i did not receive.Too late for me know. Wish i had seen this forum first.I'll know better next time.

    3. Hmm how did you pay by CC or Paypal if so claim it back…!! Paypal would be quicker but CC slower but sure I guess…

  24. I paid $170 and waited almost a month, and did have to email them asking where the product was. However, I did get a package from China today and in it are the 3 flashlights. They seem fairly rugged, though not quite as pictured in the advert. I tried the beam and its very bright, and adjustable. They take 3 AAA batteries and has strobe and SOS function. I paid $75 for 2, plus $20 for the third. Probably still too much, but it will do for what I need. I guess I should be happy that I received them at all judging by the comments.

  25. there is a sucker born every minute. with lightstrike 360 my emails were not answered. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute and they are working on a charge back. if you are not satisfied I suggest you do the same.

  26. I ordered one Feb 15/16. After a couple of weeks, contacted the e-mail site. They replied that it was shipped the day after the order was placed. They asked me to confirm my shipping address which I did. I also asked where it was being shipped from. No reply. No reply to further enquiries. Finally wrote a letter to the head office in San Francisco. Two days later the light arrived. It is shipped from China, so that explains the delay. It works as advertised, but is not a great value. I have checked the web site of 911(Tactical or Supplies-I'm not sure which) & found I could have got an equivalent complete with case, charger, clip, pouch, car charger, all for $10 more. (Made I U.S. I think0


    1. None of it is made in the USA. First of all, they don't make something in the USA and ship it to China, only to ship it back to the USA. Secondly, you could've gotten one of those lights with the clip, charger, batteries and holster for about $20 total! That's how cheap they are.

  27. almost bought one but did a google search and now will not buy. thanks for the honest advice

  28. i have just received my torch after 1 month. on the site i was in i ordered 1 with a free second one as well i also gat a pop up message to say that because of the transport that i would have to supply my own batteries also when i opened the package i found 6 torches and i cant contact them to return 4

  29. Bugger, why didn't I read this first. Now the dilemma is do I wait to see if it arrives, or do I call my bank?

  30. I ordered a torch similar to described here same pics and just got cost me $22AUD posted from and in Australia calling it a Swat Professional Light exactly the same think with extras as well charger batterries 18650 lithum x 2 and bike light holder also and the key is get it only if sent from within your country if not and from China maybe don't order…!!!
    link to dropbox.com
    link to dropbox.com
    link to dropbox.com
    link to dropbox.com
    link to dropbox.com
    Rick Ling
    P.S links are just to Dropbox pics of torch..

  31. I bought multiple Light strike 360's from 'link to lightstrike360.com; and waited just over a month, then sent an email to the company but no response. I gave up hope, then all of sudden, they turned up, all 3. I was extremely surprised. Although one was faulty which annoyed me but im glad they turned up at least. Has anyone else had the same experience or similar?

  32. These flashlights are the same as shadow hawk its a scam i myself ordered 5 shadow hawk for gifts 5 weeks ago called customer service they said it was on back order and could be another 5 weeks before i get them its a scam the company has 4 different names on their flashlights but they are all the same .

  33. Yes, I got bitten too!!. Should have read the reviews. Ordered 4 Lightstrike 360 nearly 8 weeks ago and no torches delivered. When I chased them up about a few weeks ago, I got a reply email that the order is on its way. I have emailed them twice since but no reply this time. Yes, it looks like scam alright

    1. Its a scam for sure and I had the same response as you did with emails and promises …In the end I contacted my bank and got a refund from my Visa-card as the Company listed on my account was Effective Wear Product . The USA address in San Fransisco California of Lightstrke360 is only a Continental Box Number centre

  34. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE. I HAVE BEEN SEVERLEY RIPPED OFF………….. I HOPE THESE LOW LIFE PIECES OF SHIT GET HUNG OUT TO DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I purchased this just as a lol pretty much and I actually got it today surprisingly,
    But as everyone (including myself) suspected, it's a cheapi, lense was scratched and the package came from china, not usa where the main office is, but the lights brightness and ranges is not bad, the strobe feature works well and the aluminium body looks decent, I would only give it a 5/10.

    1. Do your research properly my friend this company ??? does not have a main office in the USA –If you google the street address in San Fransisco CA you will see that it is a front for Continental Post Office box numbers only in an arcade with a resruarant frontage.
      By your rating of its quality and effectiveness I would say you have been scammed with a cheap Chinese import–you are fortunate to have actually received anything at all going by other reviews

  36. Thank you very much for the heads up! I was thinking about whether or not to order. This info is excellent! You are a great help to those of us less informed. Thanks again!

  37. These creatures from Lightstrike 360 have no conscience and will rip you off indefinately as they are one of the biggest scammers on the Internet
    who simply DONT DELIVER the product BUT they take your money—I contacted my bank after having gone thru the same experience as others listed and fortunately they got my money back from Visa

    1. i thought i had been ripped off too when dealing with LightStrike 360. i ordered 4, waited forever, the bonus product arrived, and i waited. Contacted the company about one and a half months after purchase (and was told they were sent already). 3 weeks later they arrived in the mail. They work well EXCEPT one was made without the needed copper piece to complete the circuit.

  38. is the shadowhawk x800 the same as the lighstrike 360. another scam??????

  39. hi have not recived my light 360 as yet payed 75 nz still waiting am I on threr list they sold so meany must have lost my dilery

  40. Oh well: I have never experienced something like this – but I guess I fell for this scam !!!!!! Out of sheer excitement (while working) I ordered ONE of those lightstrikes 360 – and was billed INSTANTLY for FIVE of these things !!! NO chance at all to call someone up or get a response from their "contact number".
    AND: My credit card-company in Germany said they couldn`t really do much about it !
    How can that be ? Shouldn`t they be able to track this and put a stop on this order ?

    I am so pissed about this……

    Best, Michael

  41. In this age of scams, it's so GREAT that people like you are taking the time to highlight them.
    As a single, middle-aged woman, the thought of a blinding flashlight as a defensive weapon was really appealing to me…a quick Google search asking if it was a scam brought me to you. Thank you! Great to have honest people watching out for each other.

  42. Hi, what's your take on the J5 Tactical? If you already reviewed it, I'm sorry but I am new to this forum. I will be paying attention to this forum from now on though, thanks for the research!

    1. My thought is that you should stay with the bigger named brands like Fenix, Nitecore, Thrunite, etc., because most of the unknown brands are just re-branded super cheap models.

  43. das soll die beste Taschenlampe sein?? also meine maglite zündet ja weiter, mehr als 300m, und die Verarbeitung ist bei weitem besser…

  44. This scam has began to show up in Denmark as well, for a few months now, with exactly the same pictures and text! (In danish of course!) Same procedures (75% off!), almost same prices,in Euros: 49.95. They announce on Facebook, and more serious danish sites as well. I was really considering buying one, but when 1. The picture of the product differs from the announced product, I get suspicious. 2. When I find an identical product somewhere else, with the same design, but with another name, I get even more suspicious… I googled "is the flashlight Q250 a scam?" -yes that's the name of it in Denmark- whoops bingo! Conclusion, I won't buy it…

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