Flashlight Scam Ads On My Site!

Lately I’ve been hunting down all these flashlight scams, which all appear to be run by the same people, because they all use tiny variations of the same ads and photos.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out my own sites were serving these scam ads up!

Ads are one of the few ways enabling bloggers to keep their sites going, but I can sure go into Google’s control panel and block any of these ads one by one. It took a couple hours to review every ad that my site could potentially serve up, and block these stinkers.

There were also a few weird / misleading ads that I blocked, but it was nice to see that for the most part, the ads on my network weren’t obnoxious.

I probably blocked a couple hundred ads, most of which looked similar to these.

One comment

  1. I just received my bank statement and was charged again for something I did not receive last month. When I called the telephone number 877-620-8999 no one was there to take my message. This is a SCAM. These flashlights are bright but do break. The first day I broke one. If the flashlight are suppose to be good then they (the people who sell T2000 flashlights) should stand behind their product. If I don't get a response tomorrow I will be turning this over to the Better Business Bureau. 11-2-16 Dissatisfied Customer

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