The G700 Flashlight Is A Scam [Avoid]

If you’re lucky enough to be part of a flashlight community like Budget Light Forum, you know that fantastic and powerful flashlights can be had direct from China for $3 to $10, with resellers on sites like Amazon selling them for only slightly more.

So, when people like us see “G700 TOUGHEST FLASHLIGHT ON THE MARKET” or “INCREDIBLE MILITARY ISSUE FLASHLIGHT NOW AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC,” and see that it’s a $10 flashlight you could get on Amazon with a USA seller, it makes us mad.

It’s not a military flashlight, while it and similar models are pretty tough for a cheap, Chinese flashlight, they are by no means the toughest. And you guessed it, they are not used by the military. About the only thing true in any of their advertising is that it’s a flashlight.

These web sites are a complete scam, as they prey on most people’s ignorance of what a good flashlight is. Most people, especially older people, do not realize how cheap and powerful LED flashlights have become. If you bought one, you fell for a clickbait scam, sorry.

If you want to try a powerful flashlight which can take either a standard AA battery or a high octane lithium ion battery, I’d recommend the Nitecore EA11.


  1. Thank you for doing this ,I feel like crap about people who are scammed by these greedy money hungry people, if these same people could actually buy with 56.00$it would blow their mind along with their retinas

    1. Happy to help! Yeah 56 bucks buys you a lot with the bigger brands like Fenix, Nitecore, etc.

  2. Thanks for making the world a bit better, Mark. Keep on good efforts!

  3. I have a ultrafire and a Shadow Hawk. Ultrafire claims 2000 Lumens. That's crap! My real Shadow Hawk, which is the X800, 800 Lumens. Is 70% brighter then this ultrafire. I'm a retired Marine. And was in force Recon. And have used the best of the best of these flashlights. Ultrafire, GARBAGE!! Don't buy any Ultrafire flashlights in my opinion. A good water resistant and weather resistant, bright good tough flashlight without paying A lot of cash. I recommend Shadow Hawk X800. Its just my experience and opinions. Thanks guys and ladies…..

  4. I get spam about this all the time, and it's hilarious to read, because they claim that they can shine through concrete, steel, wood and other solid objects. On top of that, the photos they show are so clearly photoshopped. You can see the enhanced noise as a result of bumping up the levels on the already dark photo.

    I've got the Nitecore EA81 and I love it. Genuinely bright, durable and I'd feel confident belting a would-be attacker across the head with the butt of the thing. Worth the $200 or so for sure.

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