Review: GearBest [Avoid]

I’ve done many orders with GearBest, and have even done a few reviews for them. For the most part it has gone well. They seem to have improved their shipping times within the last few months. A couple issues where orders didn’t go well, but I let those slide.

There’s also a few threads on discussion forums where people are reporting not just normal problems you’d expect with things like language and distance, but some shenanigans and shady behavior. I’m the trusting type, and give everyone a chance, including companies.

GearBest finally did something shady to me. I ordered headphones with the expedited shipping, and they opened a trouble ticket sending me a message telling me that expedited shipping wasn’t available, and that they would just apply that towards tracking if that was OK. I told them no, give me the refund, and they replied that they would send the refund as soon as the item shipped.

Well, the headphones shipped, and they didn’t send the refund. So I went into the trouble ticked and replied that the item shipped, and to please give me the refund.

They not only didn’t respond, but they deleted the ticket, which included the whole conversation, making it much harder to prove a PayPal claim, which is where this is going. Whether or not I see the money back, I can put the word out about GearBest and their shady behavior.

So my recommendation for GearBest is to avoid them.

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