Review: Cutlery Shoppe [Avoid]

It’s funny that I seem to have great luck with online shopping. I’ve had very few issues overall with any sellers, but lately it seems like my run of good shopping luck has ended, and suddenly I’m having issues with a bunch of different companies.

Like Cutlery Shoppe, the online cutlery store which took my money for a product they didn’t have in stock, and then cancelled my order when they couldn’t fill it. It really bugs me when a company, especially a company located in the USA, sells me a product they don’t have.

Not only does this behavior deny me a product I thought I purchased, but for something rare like what I ordered, it’s twice as bad, because I could’ve potentially bought the product from somewhere else before it sold out of everywhere. Now nobody has the product in stock, or even claims to.

So, this was my first and last order with Cutlery Shoppe. They are a pretty big company–big enough to keep track of their inventory and sell people only what they have in stock, instead of taking everyone’s money and just giving refunds for the orders they can’t fulfill.

I’ll come right out and say that I think it’s a very shady practice, which I’m only used to seeing with fly-by-night Chinese companies overseas, who just change the name of their company when too many people are annoyed with them.

In about 20 minutes I can create a Drupal e-commerce site using Ubercart, with full inventory control which can show the user what’s in stock and not take orders that exceed the inventory. This is basic stuff for an e-commerce site, which is why I think their behavior is shady.

I’ve done some searching around and I’m not the only one to have problems with Cutlery Shoppe.

Update: I reread their original cancellation email again, and noticed that those funds from my failed purchase don’t get to be spent on anything for another 7-10 days, per their email:

P.S. – A note about your funds:
At the time you placed the order your bank reserved the
funds in our name when they authorized the transaction.
We have not completed the transaction (charged your
Normally the reserve held on your funds is dropped within
7-10 days, but this time frame is entirely up to your bank.

Translation: “It’s not really us taking away access to the money for the product you thought you purchased from us, it’s the bank’s fault.”

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