New Blog: Mark Knows Music

As much as I love the outdoors and outdoor gear, I’ve never looked at a Spyderco pocket knife and been moved by it. I have many other loves and hobbies like cooking, but I’ve never been moved by a dish of baked pasta, and I make good pasta. No, my two biggest loves are little dogs and music, and I already have a blog for little dogs.

Mark Knows Music is my new blog. I spend lots of time searching out good new music that you don’t hear on the radio. It’s hard to find the real gems with all the noise on the Internet, and I figured that there are people who like music as much as me can save a little effort, because I find many gems.

I’m used to sharing my rare music finds with family and friends. I talk to people about rock, folk, blues, metal, rap–there’s not much I don’t like or like to talk about, so what better platform to talk about stuff than a new blog!

My first post and probably my first few posts will cover some new folk artists, like Caitlin Canty. I loves me some people sitting around with guitars.

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