2xAAA LED Flashlight / Penlight Feature Comparison

In this post, I will try to lay out the features of the most popular 2xAA LED flashlights. All of the lights in this comparison feature Cree LED emitters and “clicky” type tail switches. Flashlights of this type are the approximate size and shape of a pen, and are very popular as EDC (every day carry) companions. All of the lights below also have more than one mode. It’s possible to find single mode 2xAAA flashlights. Streamlight’s basic model Stylus is one example.

Note below that these are all manufacturer stated numbers and measurements. I am still working on reviews, but I know for a fact that for example, some of the lengths are wrong. I just measured my Ti4 at 4.69 inches!

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Thrunite Ti4 Nitecore MT06 Thorfire PF04 Streamlight Protac Foursevens Preon 2
Price* $25.95 $25.95 $19.99 $30.29 $40.83
Max Brightness 252 165 210 80 192
Max Runtime (Hours)** 137 5 1/4 240 30 23
LED Die Size Med Med Small Small Med
Brightness Modes 3 2 3 2 3
Special Modes 1 4
Length (inches) 5.24 5.4 5 5.62 5
Neutral White Version? Yes No No No No
Deep Carry Clip? Yes Yes No No Yes
Removable Clip? Yes Yes Yes No Yes

*Price at time of this post from Amazon. Prices for these items can and do fluctuate! Also note that at the time of this posting, Amazon has identical prices for the top two flashlights on my list.

**Stated runtime on lowest mode.

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