Review: Dominic Rectangle Sunglasses – Black/Zebra

Sometimes a company will contact me, and ask me to choose something from their catalog to review. What I try to do is pick out something interesting–something that not every blogger would choose. A product that might catch someone’s eye, but without 1,000 reviews already. contacted me, asked me to do a review, and I chose these sunglasses from the list of products that they wanted reviews for. I don’t wear prescription eyeglasses, but I’m a huge enthusiast of sunglasses, so it was no problem selecting a pair that caught my eye.

They seem nice, and they wanted me to point out that they sell prescription eyeglasses, cheap glasses and prescription sunglasses. There’s also a coupon code of GSHOT50 for 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, excluding sale frames.

Product Description

Price: $39.99 on their web site

These are unisex, square frame, polarized sunglasses with a zebra pattern on the arms and a couple stainless steel accents attached with steel screws. Just your basic pair of funky looking shades.

First Impressions

These sunglasses come in a purple, plastic case, which is an interesting choice. They looked interesting in the photos on their web site, so, OK, the purple fits. What I didn’t notice from the photos on their web site is that those little “L” shaped pieces on the end of the arms are highly polished stainless steel, and I like the look.

Unfortunately, I have kind of a narrow head, and these shades are a little too wide for my head. They fit OK, but everyone said “No, man, those don’t look good on you.” Fine, thanks for making me self-conscious about my head, but they look good on my sister. She said “dude, let me have them because I have a much larger head than you.”

Build Quality

These aren’t Italian-made Ray-Bans, but they look to be well made for this price point. The stainless steel accents don’t look cheap, and even the screws are decently done. The hinges look good, and the zebra pattern look on the arms is well done. I have to really look closely to see the difference between this one and a more expensive pair of shades.

Fit and Finish

Overall, good. My only real gripe with the fit and finish on this review sample is that when I set it down on a flat table with the arms open, it doesn’t rest evenly on the table. That is one of my pet peeves with sunglasses, and would probably be enough to make me return a high end pair.

But this isn’t a $200 pair of shades, and it isn’t off by that much. Most people probably wouldn’t notice. But other than that, the fit and finish overall is very good for any price point. And the good fit and finish on the hinges gives me a good confidence about the quality of the hinges.

Machining on the metal parts: check. Good quality, uniform polarization: check. Good fit on head and bridge of nose: check.


This is a requirement of any pair of shades I’ve owned in the last 20 years. Having a good quality polarization can turn an awful car ride into something bearable, because of the way that polarized lenses are laser-etched to block glare and let good light in.

I recently created a Youtube video demonstrating how they work with bare lenses. For these ones, I could’ve put them perpendicular to another set of sunglasses, but it’s easier just looking at a cheap LCD screen like a phone or tablet.

The polarization on my pair seems uniform, meaning it cancels out the same amount of glare whether I am looking straight ahead or at an angle.


The review sample came with a purple, semi-translucent, hard plastic case. A black case probably would’ve been my first choice, but the purple works, too. The case looks cheap at first glance, which is another one of my pet peeves. But this case has a solid feel. I would feel confident carrying this in my pocket, and would trust it to keep the sunglasses safe.
They should sell the case separately. If it came in black, I would totally use it for my Wayfarers, which came with a nice-but-soft leather case. Simple, lightweight and hard enough to protect the shades. I like it.

Microfiber Lens Cleaner

My sunglasses came with a better-than-average microfiber lens cleaner thingy. This is usually where even the expensive shades cut corners, so they get my respect for providing something actually decent and usable.


They fit pretty good, but I wish they were spring-loaded like some of the pairs of the cheap reading glasses I use. Normally I prefer sunglasses with the rigid arm to have that feature. My Wayfarers don’t have that, and sunglasses that fit well can sometimes get away with it. Eventually these types of designs loosen up a little over time.

Overall, though, these look good and are functional, which is what you want.


This pair of shades looks good. The “cheapness factor” of some sunglasses can really take away from the look of a unique or interesting style, which this pair pulls off. They looked OK on me other than being too wide, but everyone agreed they look really good on my sister, who will be the proud owner of this pair, once the review is complete.


As always, time will tell how well they hold up, but these sunglasses appear to be decent for the money. They are definitely a couple steps up from the cheap ones most of my friends and family buy. However, in the last couple years, 40 bucks buys you a lot for your money, so it’s an understatement to say that these shades are at a super-competitive price point.

I think if you like the look of them in the photos, and your head is on the larger side, then you will like these on your face. Especially with a coupon to sweeten the deal. I like that they don’t have that cheap sunglasses look and feel.

These pair are slated for my sister who liked them. And as usual, I will update this post if there is more to tell.

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