30 Amp Goodness

My brother was scared to turn on his computer, because his office is on the same circuit as his garage, where my Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer is plugged in. For the last month, I’ve been counting amps, crossing my fingers every time I turn on something big like the A/C, hot water heater or microwave.

When I fixed the fridge in this big RV, the whole rig started drawing more power, and it put me about 1/10 th of an Amp over 15! Now all the sudden I’m popping the breaker again.

It was aggravating, until I noticed there’s what looked at first glance to be a 220V electric dryer plug, but it’s actually an RV plug with its own 30 Amp circuit! Happy days!

Two 50 foot, 30 Amp cords were half the price of a single 100 foot cord. Each cord was 70 bucks so it was a lot of money I don’t have, but it’s a good investment, and it buys some good will now that everyone in the house doesn’t have to count Amps with me.

Now I can have the A/C and the microwave running at the same time!

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