Manual Needed For 2001 Fleetwood Prowler LS

If anyone has the manual for a 2001 Fleetwood Prowler LS (Northwest Addition) travel trailer, 27 foot, I would gladly pay for it.

Funny that I can’t get one from Fleetwood or that Google searches lead to PDF with links in them to other PDFs, and so on. I’m guessing that most people who own these travel trailers are older and not Internet savvy, and unscrupulous Internet marketers capitalize on people searching for these type of RV related things.

So, the manuals are hard to find, especially since Fleetwood no longer makes travel trailers. It’s like they stopped making them and started pretending they never existed.

I even used the web site of the local Fleetwood authorized dealer to ask if they could get a factory manual for me, and they never responded.

At least there’s one non-scammer site trying to help people locate manuals, and they were really super friendly, and gave me some helpful information, so I thought I would share their email in case it might help others:

Thanks Mark, for trying to contact Fleetwood.  We are
adding your request for a manual to our
Manuals Exchange page. 
We hope this helps.
You may want to try again to reaching a human at Fleetwood as they
“should” have a manual for a 2001 RV.  But with Fleetwood, one never
We also suggest you check the web for “owner groups” or “travel
clubs” particular to your RV make.  Some manufacturer web sites list these
groups for their RVs.  Contacting these folks can result not only long
term friendships but networks for manuals and much more information.
For chassis information, try Helm Inc. 1-800-782-4356 or Faxon Literature
For appliance information, check the list on our Help From the
We urge you to search the list for manual requests similar to
yours.  Drop those folks e-mail and form a network with them.  They
may even have found a manual already.  If not, when one finds a
manual then all can share it.  It just increases your chance of
the way, i
f you change your e-mail address while your request is posted,
please let us know so we can make the update.
Good luck,

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