Review: Sanrenmu 7010 [EDC Pocket Knife]

I have been a big fan of the Sanrenmu GB-763 for quite a while now. They make good pocket knives at any price, but when you factor in the price, I think they are very good, and some of the best bang for the buck you can get, if you don’t mind waiting sometimes weeks for deliveries from China. For the most part I don’t.

So when a shady company I no longer have dealings with offered to send me some Sanrenmu and Ganzo knives for review, I couldn’t resist. I’ve never owned a Ganzo but I have owned (and even gifted) lots of Sanrenmu. You can purchase the Sanrenmu 7010 at their site, and don’t forget the coupon.

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Link
Sanrenmu 7010 Product Link

Product Description

Price: $6.79

This is a solid steel, frame lock, EDC style pocket knife. It’s made of the typical 8Cr13MoV steel you would expect it to be made of, and it features a hollow-ground, drop point blade. It comes with a deep carry clip mounted right handed and tip down.

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 1

Official Specs

Type: Multitools
For: Hiking, Camping, Adventure, Home use
Material: Stainless steel
Blade Length: 7.0 cm / 2.76 inches
Blade Width : 2.4 cm / 0.94 inches
Unfold Length: 16.5 cm / 6.50 inches
Fold Length: 9.5 cm / 3.74 inches
Color: Silver
Dimension and Weight
Product weight : 0.089 kg
Package weight : 0.125 kg
Package size (L x W x H) : 13.0 x 8.0 x 1.5 cm / 5.11 x 3.14 x 0.59 inches
Package Contents
Package contents: 1 x Folding Knife

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 2

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 3

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 4
Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 5
Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 6

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 7

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Product Photo 8
Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Front View

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Front View 2

Initial Impressions

Someone asked this company on their site whether this was a replica or an original, and they replied that it was the original. I definitely believe that. I’m normally not a fan of frame locks because the knives they come on are usually too heavy for me.

This one is still a tad heavier than I would normally carry, but I flicked it open, and it’s smooth as silk. I’m also not a huge fan of knives that come with a clip that’s tip down and can’t be changed. But the frame lock on this is smooth as silk.

When I opened the box of knives, my friend picked up the Ganzo G720 and said “oooh I like this one” and I picked up this Sanrenmu 7010 and said “oooh I like this one,” so I knew I wanted to do this review first.

So, this 7010 probably has given me the best first impression of any budget knife I’ve had in a while. I caught a Spyderco Manbug on sale for 24 bucks and it had a perfect fit and finish, but it normally sells for $40 which you can buy almost 5 of this knife for.

Build Quality

The build quality on this overall is fantastic. This is an authentic Sanrenmu. It may be budget steel, but the knife itself just exudes quality just like a couple other SRMs I have like the GB-763 which has been traditionally almost impossible to find.

 Unlike most budget knives I have, this one actually has the same build quality in the clip as the rest of the knife. I love the budget Kershaws and even love their configurable clips, but the quality of their clips are terrible, and the quality of clips in general almost always seems inferior to the knife itself, so it’s gratifying to see the clip well made.

The screws, not so much. The screws are the same terrible that I’m even used to seeing on more expensive, USA made knives. It seems like screws, especially clip screws are always terrible, with Spyderco being one of the few exceptions.

Fit and Finish

Very good overall. There’s a small blemish on the handle texturing. It could’ve even been me that put it there so I’m not even sure if I should mention it. That’s pretty much about it, and I could just as easily say that this knife is close to perfect.

The blade is centered perfectly. The blade deploys as smooth as any thumb stud knife I own. It’s the only frame lock I own so I have nothing to compare it to, but the feel of it is perfect and it locks solidly. This review sample also came with the best edge of the 4.

But as I said above, I see pocket knives with close to a perfect fit and finish all the time. The remarkable thing and the level of quality and finish on this knife is that it’s just under 9 dollars delivered with no coupon at the time of this writing!

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Fit and Finish 1Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Fit and Finish 3Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Fit and Finish 2


This knife features a typical hollow ground, drop point blade made of budget 8Cr13MoV steel.  The blade is about 3 inches long which is close to my ideal for EDC. Lots of folks like the bigger knives, but I like the more compact ones where you get the most blade surface for the weight.

The SRM 7010 came with a very good edge on it. The edge is “scary sharp” and to my old eyes looks perfect. The other SRM, the 4077 came with an edge almost as good but not quite scary sharp, and the two Ganzos came almost dull.

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Blade View 1

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Blade View 2Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Blade View 3

Frame Lock

This is my first frame lock knives because the other ones I’ve held have been too heavy. I normally don’t like solid metal knives because of the weight. But this knife is pretty compact so the weight doesn’t really bother me. It’s still on the heavy side for what I will EDC, but…

…did I mention that it deploys smooth as silk? Again, I’m not frame lock expert, but the lock seems to catch at least 60%-70% of the blade to my old eyes, and that seems more than acceptable. Frame lock is supposed to be a very strong mechanism and it sure feels that way to me.

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Frame Lock View

Deep Carry Clip

The clip comes configured right handed tip down, and cannot be moved. As I mentioned, the quality of the clip itself is well above average, even if the screws don’t look good. But this is a knife made for knife enthusiasts by a company well known for catering to people who like knives.

I get that this is a solid steel knife and all those clip holes probably wouldn’t look good. But all the more reason to put the clip up if it has to be fixed in place.

Now having said all that, it does ride just fine in my pocket like it is. It rides almost perfect in jeans other than the fact that it’s upside down.

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Closeup of Clip ScrewsSanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Closeup of Clip


This is a solid steel knife, so it’s not going to be grippy like a knife with G10 or FRN–something plastic and textured. It has texturing on one side, and a clip on the other side, and overall the texturing is sufficient. It has a pronounced guard and some jimping on the spine of the blade.

The handle is a little small for my largish hands, but it’s fine for EDC and I wouldn’t want the extra weight of having it fit my hand better.


I carry every knife I review for at least a week, and I try to give extra scrutiny to free knives for review like this one, especially when I like the sample.

This is a very good EDC knife. It carries well, deploys well, and overall it’s a pleasure to use day to day. Sometimes I will subconsciously take a knife I’m reviewing out of my pocket and put in my Delica or Dragonfly, and I didn’t do that with this one. It’s a little heavy for shorts if I’m not wearing a belt, but for jeans the weight is fine.


This is a superb knife not counting the price. I am definitely going to carry this one, but I would carry it more if it had a tip up clip. But it does carry well in jeans, and it’s a beautiful knife, so there’s no way it’s going into the “bag of shame” or being gifted.

I will also probably look at more frame lock knives since I like this one so much.


Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Box Of Knives

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Lots Of Sanrenmu

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Birds Of A Feather
From Top: Kershaw Skyline, Sanrenmu 7010, Victorinox Tinker, Spyderco Dragonfly 2

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - On Scale

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Calipers 1

Sanrenmu 7010 EDC Pocket Knife - Calipers 2


  1. Aha! I knew the 7010 needed to get in my pocket! Glad to hear this one's not going in your Bag o' Shame, but if you ever change your mind about gifting it… 😉

    Thanks again for another great review, just made my purchase at GearBest.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You will like this knife. It's been in my pocket the last 5 days of what was supposed to be a 3 hour visit here in Portland. I bought a large travel trailer and I've been living it in empty since then, until tomorrow when I go get my pots and pans, cutlery etc. So this 7010 has cut sandwiches, paracord, masking tape, and filled in for half the kitchen. It probably wouldn't be my first choice knowing I was going on a long trip, but that's what an EDC: something that can fill in for whatever is needed…

  2. Congrats on the new camper. Does this mean you're throwing in the towel on the cabin?

  3. Thanks! Right now it's not viable for me to live there full time until I figure out how to get a reliable phone there, and it's also not viable for me to park my trailer there. I'm still about the same distance to the cabin as I was in Portland, and I still plan to work on the property. It's so beautiful there and I love the people, so I'll still be around there even if I can't do it full time. Also, I'm fine without plumbing but it was a little grueling not being in the greatest health. I'm better focused here in this yuppie enclave of Hillsboro for my medical stuff as well as my new business. And once I'm a better driver of this thing I can take it there for a couple days at the RV park in Kalama right next to Kress lake. I still have the fishing license in my wallet 🙂

  4. Nice review man!

    I have a Sanrenmu 7010 too, but on the blade next to the triangle mine says "02", yours is "05". Do you know what that indicates?

  5. I love this knife… have only carried it for a month now. 07 on my blade next to triangle.

  6. I was visiting my in-laws a couple years ago and my father-in-law, Carl, handed me this knife. He said that he had won it at a local fair, and had no use for it. I smiled and admired the obviously well made knife

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