No More Facebook

The Facebook page for The Outdoor Nerd had some loyal fans, and I apologize for deleting it. There was no way to keep the blog’s page and delete my own personal page. I did a gut-check and I just wasn’t into social media. I used to tell people who felt the same “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” but in the end for me it came down to too much dirty bath water and not enough baby photos.

Thanks to the people who liked my Facebook posts, and feel free to drop me an email at markwing at theoutdoornerd dot com if you have any suggestions or feedback about what I’m doing with the blog. I love to hear from readers!

UPDATE: It’s actually been more peaceful not being on Facebook, and I’ve been thinking about it in very nerdy terms. It’s like the first Star Trek: The Motion Picture where V’ger melts the radio interface so that Captain Kirk has to go there in person. So what I’m looking for is a simpler, more direct experience, just like V’ger.

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