Nerd On Wheels

It’s probably going to take another year to make my sister’s cabin property the nerdy, prepper’s paradise she envisioned. Ironically, the tasks I thought would be hard, like electricity and Internet, were the easy tasks. A lot of the plumbing related tasks like clearing the area and building the drain field around where the bathroom will go, are moving along but too slow for what I need. And not having reliable phone service turned out to be the deal breaker for now until we figure that out. A man’s got to eat.

So, it was time for me to take a step back and look at where I am, and where I want to be. Where I want to be is still the outdoors, so one night when I was drinking Tequila, the idea came to me of living in a large-ish size RV and being able to live in a stable little house on wheels, where I can live in the same structure but vary the scenery. The next day I woke up sober and the RV still seemed like a good idea! Not only to me, but to my siblings.

Above parked at my sister’s while we made sure it was good enough to move

It barely fits in the little nook at my brother’s house, but it fits! Notice the slideout touches the deck
Above taken with the slideout most of the way in. You have to move it out a foot or so to get into the bathroom!
Basically this a little man-cave with the slideout extended
Right now the desktop is on a dual band Wi-Fi adapter until I’m ambitious enough to make the patch cable

Ty has claimed the bed, as you can see in the photos

Smokey likes it here, and he pretty much hates everything

The space behind my RV is a little creek. How awesome is that!
Added the UPS and the sound system. The bluetooth speakers weren’t cutting it

My brother’s deck is right behind the rig
I’m parked in a beautiful neighborhood
My truck even has its own nook

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