Box Of Knives In For Review

Ganzo and SanRenMu have great reputations for making quality pocket knives, so I was very happy to receive a couple of each from a shady company I no longer have dealings with, which I didn’t realize had started carrying pocket knives.

But even a bigger site is no guarantee of getting a legit product, so I’m putting these 4 through their paces. Ordering direct from China can reward you with a gem like some of the ones I have, or a knockoff of a knockoff if you are unlucky. So far these look good, and I have a friend who is a martial artist trained in knife combat helping me carry and test them.

Instead of having a Facebook page for The Outdoor Nerd, what I am going to do is just post more to the blog.

Below, just in for review:

– Ganzo G720
– Ganzo G704
– SanRenMu 7010
– SanRenMu 4077


  1. I only have experience with the 704 (you marked it as the 740) it's a decent knife but th "axis" locks a pretty stiff starting out but will soften if you break them in.

    1. I corrected the post, thank you! The axis locks on these are definitely stiff. My thumb hurts from carrying them, but I hope it's kind of like a pair of new boots.

  2. That 7010 SanRenMu looks like it needs to get in my pocket! Looking forward to the review. 🙂

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