Exploring Kress Lake, Washington

People ask me what I think of this area, and I tell them it’s breathtakingly beautiful, and they hug me, and I know that I belong in the northwest. I have a fishing license, though I haven’t gone fishing yet. As much as I want to go fishing and explore the area, I want to find spots where I can bring some or all of my dogs.

Today I went on a scouting expedition to Kress Lake, there was one other car there, so there was a whopping 3 people at the lake counting me and my friend. I looked it up on the Internet and it looks like I do not need the parks pass if I’m at an area that’s primarily used for fishing.

The lake is 15 minutes from where I live, it’s stocked by a fish hatchery a few miles away and seems only to be used by locals. How awesome is that? 

I probably won’t start with all 4 Chihuahuas, but certainly I can take one or two of the better socialized ones like Ty. But certainly I can pick a spot on the far side of the lake and my dogs won’t be a problem. Someone to carry a couple crates or a little cart like I used to have in my previous life, and I’m pretty sure I can sit at the lake with all my doggies.

This entire area is dog friendly. No one looks twice at a pack of Chihuahuas except in amusement. I can’t think of one person I’ve met in this city who doesn’t own at least one dog. People I’ve known for years will say “Hey come visit, but can you leave your barky little dogs at home?” 

It’s tough, and hurtful to hear that, but the most amazing thing happened: I met a bunch of people who say “Hey, come visit and bring all the dogs!” Of course around here it’s “and be careful around the bigger dogs, and watch for hawks, and be mindful of the heat” and so forth. 

In the next couple days I plan to visit Kress lake again and maybe take Ty for a walk on the trail and take some photos.

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