My Cabin Kitchen

This little cabin has no sink and no running water. Previous occupants lived out of ice chests and decades before that, the thriving property strictly used its two outdoor kitchens. But I moved in here during winter, and the people in the warmer climates couldn’t understand why I wasn’t gung ho about cooking outdoors in the cold. Whatever quaint stereotype of sitting outside with the grill doesn’t work as well at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s only now starting to get warm here in Kalama, Washington.

Since my last place was a huge house and the kitchen was the heart of it, I wanted the kitchen to the heart of this cabin as well, so yep, you guessed it, I placed what I thought was a modest order for kitchen utensils from Amazon. At first I was sad to realize that I gave up all my high end All-Clad pots and pans and other nice gear, but then I got really excited to see how good I could do on a budget.

The counter tops here have a storied history and the little cupboard says “high explosives” on it. My sister put a slab of fake granite counter top material between two saw horses to make another counter, where my high efficiency fridge and little oven go.

I’m scavenging my silverware because I’m finding this old vintage silverware all over the property, and some of it I think is real silver!

So with a little oven, fridge and the propane burner I hauled away and changed my mind and took back, this little kitchen is starting to come together. The hot plate was awesome but one time I overdid my appliance usage and it melted the romex and left me without power for 5 days. So now I’m back to propane and just fixed the troublesome stove so it’s not leaking propane, which can be really bad.

This isn’t a review, but I wanted to give a shout out to this awesome little set of pots and pans and the knife set as well. I never heard of this brand before. I wanted to be frugal but not lose the feeling of cooking with my old set, but I didn’t want to be so frugal that I got a cheap, crappy set that fell apart. My sister pointed out this $50 Cook N Home set and I said “nope” and she said “check the reviews” and I did.

The pots and pans are impressive for the price. The handles aren’t as sturdy as I would like (as pointed out by the reviews) but they are plenty fine for normal use. The kids are grown and they were my number one destroyer of everything, so this set will serve me well until I upgrade someday. Hell, they probably belong to the cabin at this point. So the walls on the pans are much thicker than I thought they would be, and the handles are a little thin.

The knife set is equally impressive, and I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about knives. Chinese steel is just fine for a knife set done right, which this one is. Every knife in the set is full tang and has molded resin scales held on by rivets. All fairly standard stuff except the build quality is a little higher than expected and the fit and finish are a lot higher than expected. They all came dull though, and with no sharpener.

My frugal sister once again gives me proper advice about downsizing my empire. I was ready to go out and blow $150 on just cheap stainless set from Costco and that didn’t include the knives, so I’m super stoked to be cranking out some of my signature dishes in what’s basically a camp kitchen, and most of it came in under $200 for the whole thing! I haven’t tried the bakeware, but it looks nice. The well water is ridiculously clean, but there is a little sediment, so the Brita takes care of that and gives me the best tap water I’ve had in my life.

“WOW” ~ The UPS guy upon seeing this many boxes. Zoey was impressed, too.

“Why are you pointing that little box at me, and is it food?”

But what about the food?

So far, so good. Forgot the mixing bowls from Amazon and found a nice set at Fred Meyer’s.

Baked penne with minced garlic and Italian sausage from a camp kitchen!

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