Back From Hiatus

It’s been a rough time for me lately. But things have improved a bit, and now I’m living in a cabin in the woods on my sister’s property. The last couple months have been making this area livable, with power, water, internet, etc., and it’s almost there. I have a GSM signal repeater waiting from Amazon, which I’m going to hook up this Monday, and finally (hopefully) have a reliable cell signal from the local AT&T tower.

As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I had the knowledge to test and evaluate my favorite gear. But now I’m basically living off the grid, and the products I’m reviewing are more a part of my daily existence.

Right now is an exciting but scary time for me losing what I lost and transitioning to self employment. I have a bunch of reviews and posts for this blog in the works, and lots of other irons in the fire like and which I built for my sister but she just gave me. She makes these great survival kits, and I have a large stock of them to sell … once I can get the mailbox installed. And just a reminder, I build web sites and any software you can think of!

Mostly I’ve done a bunch of reviews and random posts about the outdoors without engaging my readers much, but that’s because I was working really long hours, where now I have the time to devote to the outdoor blog, especially since I’m living in the outdoors now!

So look for lots of steady posts coming from this blog, and as always, feel free to drop me an email at

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