Luxury EDC: Wrist Watches

It’s been years since I wore black suits and drove a white Mercedes. Now that I’m older and presumably more responsible, a truck and blue jeans are more my style. But that doesn’t mean I don’t
know what I would be buying if I were still a bachelor, before I hadf hungry mouths to feed.

Some people put quality before price, and I respect that. I’ve always said that value is the ratio of quality to price, but at some point the formula becomes more nebulous. Some luxury items not only retain their worth over time, but actually go up in value. And for some people, price simply isn’t a factor at all.

There are many tiers of luxury, so what I’m trying to do in this post is to present several products in each EDC category, and each category will be its own post since I tend to ramble.

Watches: Just as Relevant as Ever

Watches have been my favorite EDC category for years. People say that wristwatches are obsolete in the digital age. The classic style watches only do one thing, and most everyone carries smart phones that tell the time among the other infinite number of tasks they do for us.

However, a watch with a high quality mechanical or quartz movement is going to be much more reliable than some mass-produced piece of silicon. As technology becomes more sophisticated, it acquires more points of failure. With a high quality watch, you will not have any excuse to be late for an important meeting.

Also, watches look good. I’ve always been a very practical person. But I make no apologies for wanting to look good. Sorry, but looking at your phone every 5 minutes doesn’t make anyone look good.

Japanese companies like Seiko and Citizen make some very good EDC wrist watches, but all the legit luxury watches come from one country and pretty much always have.


Luminox 3081 Navy Seal

It’s robust enough to be worn by elite military units and good looking enough to wear on the jet ski. This watch gives you the quality you can only get with a Swiss movement, without the “it costs what?” of most Swiss watches.


Tag Heuer Formula One

What I’ve always liked about this model is that you get a ridiculous level of quality without being flashy. It looks great, but not so great that you’ll get mugged. It’s a true watch enthusiast’s watch that will take any abuse you care to give it. The one below has a quartz movement. I’ve always been a fan of Tag Heuer’s quart movements, which also makes the watch lighter. I have a quartz Link that’s more accurate with a longer lasting battery than any watch I’ve ever owned.


Omega Seamaster

There are so many great high end EDC watches: ones that you could take to a desert island and they would still work for the next 20 years. I used to own an Omega Seamaster and have always been fond of them. I sold mine because it was a little heavy for me, but it was absolutely bullet-proof. This is the model that James Bond has always worn. You can certainly find lots of more expensive watches, but I don’t think you could find one that would stand up to more abuse and still look good doing it.

While the steel band is heavier, this watch doesn’t really work with a resin band, and having the leather band defeats the whole purpose of calling it “sea master” in the first place. And I’ve never been a fan of shark skin bands.


  1. Man I've been looking at g-shocks and these are way out of my price and taste range. But Good craftsmanship is hard to find so I have no doubt they're worth the prce.

    1. I wear a 50 dollar Seiko 5 most of the time for EDC. My really nice watches only come out on special occasions.The G-Shocks are nice but too heavy for me. But I do have a couple Casio analog watches I really like. And it's hard to beat the Citizen Eco-drive series.

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