Watermark Tool 2.1 Just Released

Early on in blogging, I realized just how many photos I was taking. Over time, I would see my photos crop up on other sites, and I would see other bloggers complaining of the same thing. It’s an honor when someone likes my work. I want it to be distributed freely. The problem is that I don’t want other people taking credit for my work or earning money from it. So I watermark all of my photos.

When I started looking at tools that could watermark my photos, I couldn’t find the one I wanted where I could press a button and generate a huge amount of watermarked images without disturbing the originals.

So I wrote this tool, which I have been using for quite some time now. But it only let me use text watermarks, and it was very rough around the edges. It got hundreds of downloads but nobody pressed the donate button.

…so I totally revamped it from top to bottom, and tested it thoroughly with a high degree of discipline. I added the features I thought it was missing, and putting in a nag screen for the free version, which is still completely free. There is now a pro version which enables some of the more advanced features like using images for watermarks, but its basic functionality that was free before is free now, except much more fine tuned than the original version.

As always, I’m happy to have any feedback on my Watermark Tool.

You can download it here:

 Bulk Watermark Tool

Here’s a couple samples I made from playing around with the watermark tool and my own logos:

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