Garage Sale: Victorinox Classic Consignment

Someone gave me a couple zip-loc bags full of classic Swiss Army Knives. They all have logos, so I’m probably the 10th person to pick through this lot. Supposedly they were all confiscated by the TSA. I can’t see how these are anywhere near dangerous, but hey, I leave all that stuff in my checked luggage when I travel.

Most of these are in good condition, with a some in poor condition and a few in excellent condition. They are cheap and only cost about $15 new, so I will probably try to sell some of the better ones for $6 shipped in the continental US. If any of my readers are interested, shoot me an email. I should have them separated in the next couple days. In the meantime, I could pick one out based on just condition if anyone is interested.

Here’s my email:

Victorinox Classic Pocket Knives With Logos

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