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The perfect EDC watch is an elusive beast. The best ____ is the one you have with you, but you never know  what life will throw at you on any given day. That’s why I like a watch I can wear every day that can at least muddle through whatever needs to be done, whether it’s a surprise visit by an important client or an impromptu dip in the lake. So I’m always on the lookout for a budget watch like this that looks classy but is basically disposable, and I purchased this watch from Amazon with Prime shipping. They just raised the price on Prime which we’re not too happy with, but it still makes sense for us.

Product Description

At about 30 bucks it was hard to pass this model up. It has a stainless steel case, a mineral crystal and it looks like a more expensive model. The resin (rubber) band is a nice touch because resin bands don’t absorb anything. After wearing a canvas or leather strap in the shower for a while and sweating on it day after day, these types of bands will start to smell. Even nylon straps to some extent. So this type of resin band is nice if the watch will be getting wet on a regular basis. It should be noted that the band is proprietary, and you can only get a replacement band direct from Casio for most of the price of the watch. Not a big deal for me because if I like this watch enough to wear out the band, paying another 20 bucks or so won’t be a problem.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Watch Pocket Dump

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Watch With Casio And Citizen Friends

Official Specs (From Amazon)

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Casio
Model number EF305-1AV
Part Number EF305-1AV
Item Shape Round
Dial window material type Mineral
Display Type Analog
Clasp Buckle
Metal stamp None
Case material Stainless steel
Case diameter 39 millimeters
Case Thickness 8 millimeters
Band Material Resin
Band length mens
Band width 18 millimeters
Band Color Black
Dial color Black
Bezel material Stainless steel
Bezel function Stationary
Calendar Day and date
Special features Luminous, Water Resistant
Movement Quartz
Water resistant depth 330 Feet
Warranty type Contact seller of record
Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Product Image 1

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Product Image 2

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Product Image 3

First Impressions

This watch was purchased with a Citizen Eco Drive watch almost as an afterthought.When I opened the boxes, the missus looked at the Citizen and said “ooh that’s ugly” and she looked at the Casio and said “hey, that’s nice.” So right out of the box, this Edifice was getting compliments.

At first glance this looks like a much more expensive watch. Maybe even at second or third glance. I’ve always like Casio as a brand, but this is one of the best first impressions I’ve had with any watch.

Build Quality

This model is one of the few in its price range with a stainless steel case and mineral glass crystal–both well executed. The resin (rubber) band looks and feels solid, and overall the watch gives me the impression that it is well built. The crystal looks almost as good as the one on the much more expensive Citizen that was part of the same order. Casio has a good reputation so I’m inclined to believe that this watch is as well built as it appears to be.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Build Quality 1

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Build Quality 2

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Build Quality 3

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Build Quality 4

Fit and Finish

The second hand does not strike the markers on the dial where it should. It’s probably the width of a couple second hands shy of hitting the markers dead center. It’s a pet peeve of mine on higher end watches but I really can’t complain for 30 bucks. There were also some minor scratches on the crown out of the box, which I only noticed from the photos.

Other than that, overall the fit and finish of this watch is well above average. I’m especially impressed with how the band meets the case. It’s really clean looking, and the case/crystal look really sharp.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Scratches On Crown
It came with a few scratches on the crown


There’s not to many watches with stainless steel cases in the sub 30 dollar price range, especially ones that don’t look ridiculously cheap. The Japanese have always been good with steel, but the case on this one is impressive given its price point. I have to look closely at the case to see the difference between the case on the Edifice and a higher end watch.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Case Back

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Case
Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Case Back 2


The resin band on this is nice because it doesn’t absorb water like other types of bands. Shower for a month with a leather or canvas band and it won’t smell very good. Rubber type bands don’t have that problem, and they are the ideal type of you frequently get wet.

The Edifice has a proprietary band which can only be replaced directly from Casio. It does look well made, though. The buckle is well designed and I like how it sits flat.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Band 1

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Band 2


The dial makes this watch look like a chronograph, but the sub-dials in reality are just day and date indicators. That’s fine by me, because I’m not a big fan of chronographs for every day carry due to the two extra buttons pressing against my wrist 24/7.

The hands are all well shaped and have luminescent material on them, as do the hour markers on the dial. The dial is a little busier than I normally like for an EDC watch, but it’s easy to read for how busy it is. Plus, it looks classy.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Dial Closeup

Water Resistance

This is one of the more well tested models I own because I can shower or use it around water. If I get it muddy or dirty, then I can just run it under the sink faucet. So far so good.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice In Glass Of Water

Glow in the Dark

This is one of those areas where it’s really easy to tell the budget watches apart from their more expensive cousins. The GITD material on this model is the same cheap stuff you’ll find on pretty much every cheap watch. Most of the time it is good enough to read in the middle of the night. If I were sleeping in a strange place like camping or in a hotel, then I’d probably charge the material with a flashlight before bed time, and like I did for the photo below.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Glow In The Dark


This watch is comfortable to wear day to day. Some of the larger resin band watches pull at the hair on my arm and make it hard to wear them every day. This watch has a thin enough band and sits flat enough to where it doesn’t rub on me. It’s not quite as comfortable as some of my ultralight nylon strap watches like the Eco Drive, but it’s pretty close.

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Strapped To Wrist


This watch is the best of both worlds and seems to be one of those EDC gems I’ve been searching for. It looks fantastic at a price point that basically makes it disposable. It’s durable and easy to read, and accurate enough for my needs. And it looks good enough to where I get regular compliments on it. Aside from its couple of fit and finish issues, there’s a lot to like for the price. It’s a watch that wouldn’t be too far out of place in a suit or in the mud.


Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Box 1

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice Box 2

Casio Men's EF305-1AV Edifice On Scale


  1. Thank You for the review, It helps alot. I am thinking of getting this watch but I having problem finding it weather it glows in dark or not. Thank You very muchhhh

    1. It has a luminous dial, but no powered illumination like the Timex Illuminator series, if that is what you are asking. Good luck!

  2. What's the model of watch laying by the side of watch in the review?

  3. Hello Mark, do you know if there are any generic traps for this watch under or about $10? … thanks

  4. Hello mark, what is your smartphone cover (the blue one)… where i can find smartphone cover for galaxy note3 like your cover?

    1. Apologies, but I do not know. I don't have the phone any more, and the cover came from the Cricket store a few years ago. The girl behind the counter said "Do you want the cover for your phone? This cover is the only one we have for it?" and I said "Sure!" because it looked so nice. I wish I would've paid more attention because I've had several phones since then and still not a cover as nice as that one.

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