Finally, A Real Camera

Taking pictures of flashlights, pocket knives and assorted camping gear was never really my goal. I just liked having all the gear, and I liked talking about the gear, and well, a picture tells a thousand words supposedly. What I liked personally about most reviews on the Internet were the pictures. You can tell me that the clip on your flashlight is crooked, or the there’s a chip in the edge of your $300 pocket knife. That’s great, I still want to hear all that, but I also want to see it.

These days there are so many YouTube videos with EDC gear. Those are great too, and I watch them all, but mostly they go by really fast and you might only get a glimpse of something concerning about a product. I will probably make more videos to go with my reviews, but for me as a consumer the video only augments the still photos. So, being a reviewer, I like to make the reviews that I would want to see.

My trusty point and shoot Canons were great, and they served me well, but they just had too many limitations. I didn’t know when I started blogging that it was inevitable I would get a ‘real’ DSLR camera, but I see that now. The first question of what brand was easy. I love my Canons and I know a few photographers that had good things to say about them. The only real question was how high to start up the DSLR food chain.

I really wanted the Canon Sl1 because it had the new DIGIC 5 processor where the T3i had the previous generation. People were saying good things about it on the Internet so I waited and waited until I found the best deal, finally ordering it on Black Friday from a seller on It wasn’t a pleasant experience but after 3 weeks, I finally got my camera. Amazon finally has it for about what I paid for mine, but at the time I ordered mine, Amazon was $200 higher than what I paid.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 [DSLR Camera]

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 [DSLR Camera] With Lens On

Normally I try to do most of my photography with natural light, but in the dead of winter this far north, there’s just not enough light some days. So I’ve been experimenting with building my own light box.

Homemade DSLR Light Box Setup
Total cost: 1 box, 4 sheets of typing paper and 2 inches of electrical tape
SanRenMu 681 EDC Pocket Knife
Plenty of stuff to review once I perfect my light box setup

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