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If you live in Spokane or Spokane Valley, be sure to steer clear of Appliance Recycling and Wholesale Inc. on Sprague Street in Spokane Valley. A couple months ago we bought a washer from them. It worked great for those couple months and then it stopped working. No problem, we had a 90 day warranty. When we got it, the washer was all dented up, but they assured us that even though it was all dented up, it was fine! Just cosmetic they said. But it did work great, and I figured it there were any problems they would keep their word (given in writing)  and fix it.

But that’s where the fun ended. We loaded it in the truck and my son drove it over to the appliance place in his pickup. 20 minutes later my son calls saying that they will not honor the warranty because we broke the switch. The guy wouldn’t even let me talk to the manager. He informed me that in his expert opinion we damaged it and they were not obligated to fix it. Nice. As ‘proof’ he cited the ‘fact’ that the washer could not have ever worked right and that we must’ve damaged it early on.

I didn’t notice it until he pointed it out on the phone, but the switch does look like it was pressed into the unit. So, we pressed the switch too much? I don’t get how that doesn’t fall under the warranty. If we banged it up, how could we damage the tiny rubber switch but not do any damage to the area around the switch. The only dings and scratches are the ones that came with it July 2nd.

In the picture below you can see that it came to us all dented up, with them swearing up and down that the damage was just cosmetic, and besides they said, it was under warranty, so if there were any problems we could just bring it back.

Here’s what it looks like now. I do not think a reasonable person would think that somehow we damaged just the switch through our own negligence. All we did was press it!

Notice that it does not have any more scratches and dents than when we purchased it on July 2nd. Also notice the great care that was taken to coil the cord and tape the cord and hoses out of the way so that nothing would be damaged or flop around in transport.

Here’s a closeup of the switch. It looks to me like it was pushed in from normal use. The kids are grown and only adults have been using it. We liked this washer a lot and were very kind to it.

I would be interest in any theories as to how we can damage this switch through our own negligence without damaging the surrounding areas. What does this place think we did to it? Again, all we did to this button was press it. In my opinion, they used that as an excuse not to honor a warranty repair that could’ve have cost them a couple hundred bucks. But … that’s what a warranty is for!

Normally I do not use my blog as a platform to publicly shame companies. But what recourse do we have? What recourse to most people have? We will be filing a small claims court case, but our recourse is very limited. If companies like this are not held to task for their poor customer service, then what incentive do they have to treat their customers right?

UPDATE: At some point in our dispute we started needing clean clothes. We still want our money refunded for the dented abomination above, but we no longer need a washer. We decided to get a new washer, and because we were using a dryer we bought off Craigslist, we decided to get the matching dryer and have it under warranty as well. Now if either one quits working, a technician from Sears will be right out. We did our homework and bought LG with the highest reviews.

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  1. I bought a stove from this place on April 19th and the front burner and oven elements exploded within a few minutes of use, had Fred's Appliance check the cause and they said it was due to using a wire wheel to clean the used burners which should never be done because it damages the integrity of the burner material. Due to their negligence, my tenant was injured when the burner blew up. I call and all I got from the store was a real I don't give a shit responce about the whole thing. They are potentially looking at a lawsuit from the injured tenant.

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