10 Best EDC Pocket Knives 2013

Unlike more nerdy EDC gadgets like flashlights and watches, there doesn’t seem to be as much innovation in pocket knives. There’s no ‘Moore’s Law of Cutlery’ where they get lighter, faster and cheaper every year. While there is some innovation, it tends to be more from the usual suspects than the new players, and it tends to be more incremental.

Spyderco Delica 4

So, it’s not a big surprise that most of the best EDC pocket knives you can buy have either been around for a while, or are incremental improvements over previous versions. And unlike other industries, the field is still dominated by American companies, though usually outsourced to different countries–sometimes with fantastic results.

For the list, I wanted to keep it to mainstream production knives under about $100, which is why you won’t see higher end brands like Zero Tolerance on the list. All are locking except where I gave a nod to the Victorinox because so many people carry it, and locking knives aren’t always legal.

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