Knife Steel Comparison App for Android And iOS

I have seen people on some of the EDC and knife forums mention a free knife comparison app. I had watched a youtube video showing the app, but I didn’t realize it was available as an Android app as well. As suggested in the video, I did a search for “knife steel comparison” and this app came right up. Now I have it installed on both my Android phone and tablet, both of which are running Ice Cream Sandwich. I have no idea if it works on Gingerbread.

The company which created this app is zviSoft. Their web site is and their apps can be downloaded straight from the web site.They also have a blog on the site, but it appears mainly to just be release notes for the various service releases of their app. There doesn’t appear to be a Windows version.

The app is easy to use. Just find the steel you want, and it will tell you everything you want to know. It’s a great little app!

Searching for “S30V” gave me an info screen:

Then I clicked the settings button and chose the graph:

Graph of the elemental composition of S30V steel

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