Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray

My sister recently gave me a can of this pepper spray and said it was the best brand to get. Supposedly it has a UV dye to make whoever you pepper spray easier to identify to authorities. She gave me the jumbo bear sized can, but you can get it in smaller sizes from places like Amazon. I think pepper spray is an ideal self defense tool.

Another cool thing about this brand is that it’s a fog, not a stream. That means you literally can’t miss. I showed it to the missus and asked her if it was something she would want to carry in her purse, and she agreed. She already has other EDC gadgets like a small flashlight and pocket knife, and now I will feel better knowing she’s carrying bear spray for people. And I certainly like having the jumbo size for home defense. Thanks Amber! Oh yeah, be sure and check out her blog.


  1. Hey guys, check out the kimber pepper blaster. I have the new edition. It's so powerful that it also penetrates glasses! You can buy it on Amazon too.

  2. Have you given any thought to the dispersion effects in both closed and open environments, including wind, in using this against an attacker? You could quickly become the victim at your own hands…

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