Review: Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1

About Swiss+Tech

Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1
Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1

Swiss+Tech makes a wide variety interesting keychain tools and widgets. They are an American company but I have been unable to figure out where their tools are made. My guess is Hong Kong or Mainland China.

Product Description

Price: About $10
It looks to me like Swiss+Tech is just slinging multi-tools to see which ones stick. Most of their designs don’t appeal to me, but this one did. It’s basically a clever bit driver with built-in flashlight, except that it takes standard bits.

My review sample was a stocking stuffer, I believe from the local Safeway. But you can get it from Amazon, too.

Official Specs (From the Swiss+Tech Store)

Product Features:
– Flat Head Driver
– #2 Phillips Driver
– #1 Phillips Driver
– 5/32″ Allen Driver
– 2 LED Flashlight
– Key Ring

•Product Size: 2.6″ x 1.3″ x .4″
•Product Weight: 1.12 Oz.
•Bit Size: 1/4″ x 1″
•10,000 MCD, 50,000-hour LED bulb
•2 Hours Continuous Use
•2 CR1025 lithium batteries
•Magnetic Socket
•Unique Patent Pending Design
•Lifetime Limited Warranty

Basic Design

This tool has a clever design. It’s a simple bit driver with an LED on each side of the bit to light your work. The bit storage holds 4 bits with a little plastic cover which flips down. The cover seems a little flimsy, but overall, I like the design.


It’s got a pair of small LED emitters on either side of the bit holder. I would guesstimate the combined output to be about 10 lumens. On the plus side, it even has a neutral tint, with no blue or purple hue to it like most LEDs in that class. 
I have not tested the run time, but 2 hours seems entirely reasonable given the LED and batteries. 


The driver takes standard bits. It looks a little flimsy bit it feels solid. It has a magnet in the rear of the socket and seems to hold the bits securely. I haven’t had an issue with them being loose or falling out on me. 


The bits are a little on the cheap side and I’m not sure I would trust them with a serious task. If they were non-standard size, I probably would’ve never bought this tool. But they are standard size, which turns the into a serious tool.

Bit Storage

The storage area has room for four standard size bits. I tried a bunch of different driver types like Torx and they all fit just fine. As I’ve mentioned, the plastic cover for the bit storage feels a little flimsy, and because of this I am not certain how well it would do in a rugged environment on your keychain.


It’s got a good feel to it- the design is well thought out, including the button for the flashlight.You almost have to press the button to get a good grip on it, but that’s just fine with me.


I would have small reservations carrying this on a keychain if your keys get banged around much. Other than that, it’s a neat little bit driver which lives full time in my EDC bag, which is one of the best compliments I can give it.
It would be even better if Swiss+Tech upped the quality on this, but as a light duty backup bit driver, I expect it to serve me well, with different bits in it of course.


Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1: Closeup of driver bit and flashlight
Great design … bits, not so great

Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1 shown with store-bought bits
Take your pick of bits!

Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1 shown on scale
The weight is reasonable for a tool of this type, with all four bits in storage

Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1 shown with Spyderco Dragonfly pocket knife and Fenix LD01 AAA flashlight
This goes in my EDC bag along with a couple other EDC legends, the Spyderco Dragonfly and the Fenix LD01

Swiss+Tech XDrive Pocket Driver Tool 6-in-1 shown with bits in the background
The oversize flashlight button has a great feel to it

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  1. Great Review! I have been looking for something like this and will scoop one up

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