Rant: The Politics Of “Every Day Carry”

I’ll just come right out and say that I don’t believe that politics have any place in the average Outdoors/EDC blog or community discussion. Throughout modern history, it’s traditionally been considered impolite to discuss politics at the dinner table, right? I believe this holds true for social networking, blogs and discussion forums unrelated to politics as well. In any intimate or close community setting.

First off, if we can’t all respect each other’s beliefs, then how is a meaningful discussion about anything ever going to be possible? The answer of course, is that there hasn’t been much meaningful discussion when it comes to politics, and people’s passions have bled over into areas they would never go in so-called “real life” settings. The Internet does something to people’s ability to self-edit. I try to live my Internet life by “would my mom be ashamed if I posted this?” and I’m here to tell you, some people’s moms would be seriously ashamed.

Secondly, I don’t even understand why every discussion of knives, multi-tools, flashlights or any outdoors topic has to devolve into political discussions, or at least have political undertones and snarky remarks. There’s no need, it accomplishes nothing, and more importantly, I don’t think most people want to hear it. I certainly don’t, and you won’t hear it from me.

I respect that some people live at either end of the spectrum, but most of us are somewhere in the middle. I get that blogs are the ultimate soap boxes, but my thought is that they are soap boxes to advance our ideologies, not undermine them.

The goal of this blog is to advance the philosophy of “every day carry” so that we as a society can return more to our roots of self sufficiency and social responsibility that made this country so great to begin with. I don’t believe that most people are adequately prepared to face daily life, and I have found personally that what I carry with me on a daily basis can improve my life and make it less stressful. It’s very empowering to know that wherever I am, just having a simple multi-tool, pocket knife and small flashlight on me at all times is going to help me solve situations that would leave most people stuck. And that’s just daily life. In an emergency these same tools could mean the difference in surviving.

I am not a passive participant in life. Sitting on the sidelines isn’t my thing. That is my “every day carry” philosophy. So, I don’t plan on straying this blog very far from that. And as an reader of blogs, I much prefer outdoor/ EDC blogs and discussion groups that stay mostly on topic for what they say they are. I’m a happy, well adjusted guy; I really don’t need to hear someone else’s negativity day in and day out. It’s good to know people’s opinions. I like seeing a wide variety of opinions, and yes, including negative ones. Just not the same negative ones endlessly rehashed.

So, please, before you post your next rant on the evils of some political party or political figure, remember that most of us are tired of hearing it. And that goes equally for both ends of the spectrum. We get it, believe me. But we come to EDC blogs and discussion to discuss EDC gadgets with people who use and understand these gadgets. That’s what I believe most of us are here for, regardless of any ideology.

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