Unboxing a Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar

I’m not going to do a full review on this knife because it’s a gift and I don’t want to risk scratching it  or opening the sheath. I mainly opened it to put the scales on, which I bought separately, but I couldn’t resist checking it out and snapping a bunch of pictures.

Becker BK14 “EsKabar”

Ka-Bar’s Page

This is a simple “neck knife” which is one solid chunk of American Chrome Vanadium steel a quarter inch thick. It’s a joint venture between Esee and Ka-Bar. The knife ranges about $35-$40 and you have to purchase the scales separately for about $15, which comes with both orange and black. The cool thing is that it comes with two sets of hardware, so you could use them for two knives at once, which is nice. I put the orange ones on for the recipient of this gift. I bought this one from Amazon.

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar
I put the orange scales on


The blade is a full flat grind (FFG) drop point with a good bit of belly, which I like in a knife. One side of the blade has the ESEE stamp, and the other side of the blade has a Ka-Bar stamp. Quite the partnership.


The scales are very clean and look well made. The “handle” has a pronounced choil, which seems to keep my index finger from sliding into the blade, as this knife feels a little handle-heavy. I wish there was some jimping for better grip, but I understand that would take away from it as a neck knife. The handle is a little small for the knife, but I kinda like it.

First Impressions

This thing is a serious piece of metal. This one came with a nearly flawless fit and finish, as well as scary sharp. I would expect a USA-made knife to have a better factory edge, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I wish it were a little better balanced, but I understand the design considerations that made it this way – it’s compact, and about as light as it can be and still be this thick.

The missus thought it seemed too heavy, but that’s the price of real steel, baby. This knife in my opinion would be an ideal survival / backpacking knife. This might even be an ideal camp knife – I haven’t decided. I guess I’ll have to buy one for myself next time. The handle seems a bit small for a camp knife, but the handles on my other camp knives seem too big, and I like the compactness of this one. Either way, it’s an impressive, made-in-the-USA knife for $35 from the union of two respected knife-makers.


Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - Box (Front)

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - Box (Back)

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - Box (Side)

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - (Unboxed)

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - scales sold separately
The scales are purchased separately

From Top: Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar, Sanrenmu 763
Shown with Sanrenmu 763 Axis folder, which is a similar size

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - Ka-Bar Logo
Ka-Bar logo on one side

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - ESEE Logo
…and the ESEE logo on the other side

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - Thick Blade!
Here you can see how thick the blade is

From Top: Mora Clipper, Gerber Freeman, Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar
From Top: Mora Clipper, Gerber Freeman Guide, Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar on scale
It’s a bit heavy, but there’s no substitute for good steel

Ka-Bar Becker BK14 EsKabar - blade spine
This blade looks to be indestructible

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