Review: Sanrenmu GB-T11 [Pocket Knife]

About Sanrenmu

Sanrenmu (or just “SRM”) is a Chinese manufacturer which is well regarded among knife enthusiasts. So much so that it can be hard to find their products at times. Almost all of their products are in the $10 range and compare well to knives costing 5-10 times as much. Sanrenmu is rumored to make products for American manufacturers such as Spyderco.

Product Description

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife

Price: About $10 online

The GB-T11 is what I could consider a utility knife. It’s one of their newer models, and I purchased it to maybe use in some of the survival kits that I sell periodically for my sister. It’s got what looks like a box cutter blade with a fold-out can opener – definitely interesting.

This sample was purchased from and took about a month to arrive. I did notice that it’s now available through Amazon.

Official Specs (from

Liner Lock knife,White blade,with opener function.
Handle Material: G10
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV, Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 56-58HRC
Handle Length (Closed Size) : 83mm
Blade Length: 57mm
Knife total length: 138 mm
Tip down,Right hand (Can modify to tip up,Left / Right hand,)

Overall Design

This appears to be a Sanrenmu original design. As an OEM manufacturer for many American companies, SRM is really starting to shine on their own with some of these newer models. This liner lock knife has lots of jimping and nice, thick G10 scales with removable screws. The bottle/can opener is a nice touch, as is the amidextrous, “deep carry” clip, which can be changed to tip-up or tip-down carry.

One thing I like about his knife is that it looks like a utility knife. This is something I would feel comfortable giving someone like my mom. Nobody is going to confuse it as a weapon.

Update: This is definitely a clone of the Mantis Pit Boss knife. The Pit Boss looks like a beast but seems to get mixed reviews.


This knife has an interesting, box-cutter-ish looking blade. It has a flat grind and is swedged on top, with a little bit of jimping on the spine. The finger slot looks like the blade won’t open one-handed, but it will.

The steel is typical 8Cr13MoV and has the SRM logo etched into the blade. There’s no stamp with the steel type, but its listed in the specs.


The T11 consists of a steel liner with a thick, G10 handle. It has the same thick G10 material as my 763, which is one of my favorite EDC knives. The extra thick G10 gives the T11 a really solid feel.

The clip is nice and sturdy. With the deep carry feature and all 3 positions it can moved to, the clip makes it feel almost like a high end knife.

Locking Mechanism

This is a typical liner lock. The steel liner looks to be a little on the thin side, but my guess is that the lock is getting some of its strength from the meaty slabs of G10 material. The 704 is this way too, but just like the 704, the lock has a really solid feel to it. For EDC tasks, both knives have performed well and the lockup hasn’t given me any grief.

Fit and Finish

Overall, superb. My 704 has a few minor flaws and tool marks, but this one doesn’t. The fit and finish on this T11 is every bit as good as on my 763. They just seem to have their act together on these newer models.

The blade came with a good edge – almost scary sharp. The lockup is superb for a liner lock. The blade is well centered but appears to be rubbing the liner. I’ve been EDC’ing it and the blade has some scuffs on it. No play on either the blade or bottle opener. The bottle opener has a detent which isn’t a lock, but keeps it from flopping around when it is open.


This is a great little knife. It’s probably not my ideal EDC, but it’s a great utility/tool box knife, and would be good for someone that wants the utility without the stigma of something menacing-looking.

I’m slowly working my way through’s catalog and so far I’m just super impressed. These aren’t just great 10 dollar knives; these are great knives, period. I’m a little concerned about the thin-ish steel liners on some of these models, but in practice they do fine. My dad has a 704 that he will probably never part with.

My only real gripe is that this knife is a bit heavy for how much steel it projects. I like to see a little better ratio of blade surface versus weight. But for a tool box, glove box or survival kit, having it be a little on the beefy side is a plus. This is one model I intend to gift heavily.


Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - in box
Not much to say about the packaging
From top: Sanrenmu 704, Sanrenmu GB-T11, Sanrenmu 763
From top: Sanrenmu 704, Sanrenmu GB-T11, Sanrenmu GB-763

From top: Sanrenmu 763, Sanrenmu 704, Sanrenmu GB-T11
From top – folded: Sanrenmu GB-763,  Sanrenmu 704, Sanrenmu GB-T11

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife
It has a really interesting look to it

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - closeup of clip
Showing the beefy G10. The clip can be moved for tip up or tip down carry

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - closeup of clip
Can opener tool has a beefy pivot screw with brass washers

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - closeup of centered blade
Mine is perfectly centered – not bad for a $10 knife

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - closeup of blade
The blade almost looks like a box cutter

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - held in hand
Not the best ergonomics but not the worst either

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - shown with Spyderco Dragonfly
Shown folded, with a Spyderco Dragonfly

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - shown with Spyderco Dragonfly
Shown with a Spyderco Dragonfly, which has a similar size

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - shown on scale
It’s a little heavy, but solid

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - shown with Fenix E01 Flashlight
Shown with another survival favorite, the Fenix E01 flashlight

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - closeup of bottle opener
The T11 has a nice, beefy bottle/can opener

Sanrenmu GB-T11 Pocket Knife - another closeup of bottle opener
Here you can see the hex head screws that hold the knife together


  1. I really obsesss to the specs of this knife. The over all design was great and the it looks like a utility knife that is why it is comfortable to use. Great knife!

  2. "This appears to be a Sanrenmu original design" – It may appear so, but it's not. Take a look at the Mantis Pit Boss…

  3. I've been carrying this knife almost every day for over two years. It really has a lot going for it, especially at its price point. I own a heck of a lot of knives, but in some ways, this is one of my favorites. Thanks for the review.

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