Flashlights for The Nightstand

Left: Sunwayman M20C, Right: Sunwayman V11R
Left: Sunwayman M20C, Right: Sunwayman V11R

Like any good “flashaholic”, I have definite opinions about what flashlights I want on my nightstand next to the bed. There’s two common usage scenarios that I want for a nightstand light, and that’s why I have two. And having two also serves to make sure that I will get a working light when I need it the most, late at night in my home, with my family.

Scenario #1 – Household Patrol / Late Night Bathroom Breaks

Most of the time I use the smallish Sunwayman V11R flashlight for walking around the house or checking on the kids/wife/mother-in-law/pets. It’s small enough to fit in my pajama pockets and it has a control right which makes it infinitely variable, down from the so-called moonlight mode right up to enough light to illuminate up my whole house or backyard.

Having a moonlight mode is the most important priority I have for a nightstand flashlight. That’s because, from a dead sleep with dark-adjusted eyes, most humans only need a tiny bit of light to see things in the same room. There’s no reason to be blinded, or to blind others. The sub-lumen output of these modes also serve to preserve your dark-adjusted vision and, more importantly, keep you from disturbing someone else who is sleeping. I use it all the time to check on sick kids or the missus. I can take the kids’ temperature or give them medication without hardly disturbing them. In this case, less is truly more.

One thing I like about the V11R is that with a slight twist I can make it put out a blinding amount of light. So as I am walking through the house at night or standing in the backyard, I can have as much light as I need.

Scenario #2 – Something Goes Bump in The Night

For this scenario, I use a Sunwayman M20C tactical flashlight, which has a larger reflector and throws its light a longer distance than the V11R. This scenario does happen once in a while, though it usually turns out to be Racoons or other wild animals trying to get at the cat’s food in the garage through the cat door. But it still could be a human intruder. For this scenario, having “throw” is more important to me, especially since I have a large property, and the entire neighborhood has large lots. There’s been a couple times where I’ve stood on my deck and looked into the neighbor’s backyards for possible intruders.

Top: Sunwayman M20C, Bottom: Sunwayman V11R

For this scenario, I not only want throw, but some sort of tactical strobe. It’s not that great of an advantage for home defense, but it is something. I have seen the strobe temporarily disorient humans and even wild animals.

The M20C is such a great light because while it isn’t infintely variable like the V11R, it does have the same type of user interface. A twist of the control ring takes you through the low, medium, high and strobe modes. And just like the V11R, it’s possible to set the mode while the light is off.


  1. You should check on the mother-in-law with a flash grenade not a flashlight! 😀

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