Racoon Vs. Tactical Strobe

At night, I can hear it in the garage. It comes in through the cat door and jumps up to the storage shelf that I put the cat food on. The Chihuahuas look for the cat food the first thing they do whenever they get into the garage. It’s no problem for the Racoon. When it’s done eating the cat food, it washes its hands in the cat’s water dish. Needless to say, this is very unnerving for cats. I guess for us too. One night, it peeked into the family room though the sliding glass door. It looked more disappointed that we were still up than scared. In fact, it looked rather indignant. I don’t get the impression that it’s scared of us humans. Not one bit.

This impression was confirmed the other night when I heard it enter the garage and decided to confront it. Deciding on a tactic of shock-and-awe, I flung the door to the garage open and raised my voice to tell this thing “Hey, get out of my garage!” It looked up at me, and went right back to eating. “Hey, stop eating the cat food!” I told it firmly but with growing doubt. This time it barely glanced at me.

Defeated, I resolved to evict it from the garage. I went upstairs and grabbed my Mora Companion fixed blade knife and my Sunwayman M20C tactical flashlight. I flung the door open an said “Get out of my garage!” while I engaged the tactical strobe, probably at about 300-400 lumens. Just the bounce-back on the strobe is painful to me, so I figured I had this thing beat.

I guess I don’t know what I was expecting, but as I have read, it stood there transfixed, looking into the strobe. I probably strobed it for about a minute, during which time it didn’t so much move a hair on its evil little head. It didn’t seem to have the power to look away.

At this point, I probably could’ve attacked it. But I didn’t want to hurt it. I just wanted it to leave. I turned off the strobe, it took about a second to collect its thoughts, and it went right back to eating. I strobed it again. Same thing. I could certainly daze it, but other than that, I wasn’t getting a very good result.

So, defeated again, I went back upstairs, put away the flashlight, and grabbed the camera. Well played, mister Racoon. Well played, indeed…


  1. You should have played a Best of Justin Bieber CD to her/him!

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